PDC Asian Tour Taipei. Flower arrangements and candles?

Discussion in 'General Dart Talk' started by ducks, Jun 21, 2019.

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    I recently saw an online post where a person was questioning dress codes, jeans, and "golf tournament" attire at darts competitions. That person is lucky. Unless he or she is competing at this weekend's PDC Asian Tour stop in Taipei, they won't have to worry about any of that.

    The players on the PDC Asian tour this weekend will not only have to follow a dress code, they will be playing in a venue which will feature fresh cut flowers, and candles (electric) and plants on all the tables.

    I dropped by G Club tonight, the venue for the competition, and saw the staff busy preparing for this weekend's shoot. The Dartslive boards had already been removed, the Unicorn boards put up, and guys were preparing the iPads to be used with DartConnect. One lady was sitting at a table of fresh flowers, trimming and putting them into vases. Another young girl went around making sure all the electric candles were working and had fresh batteries. Russ Bray and Paul Lim were chilling out before going out to dinner, and several players stopped by to say hello, and take in some practice.

    It's a good looking joint!

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    That’s really cool! Dress the place up for the tournament. Good form!!!
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    It totally makes sense to have a venue set up like a business lounge. After all, this is a business trip for many of the players. Any people not involved who wandered in off the street were turned away, as regular business was closed. The four practice boards were set up, the bar was open, and most of the seating area was neat and tidy. The players could come in the night before the tournament and relax on the sofas and chat with friends, have a drink, and maybe shoot some darts in a comfortable, clean, quiet place. Haha, I was the only one poking my nose around, but they are used to seeing me. I shoot darts here, and I have showed up as a fan at all the PDC events in Taipei.

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