PDC Asian Tour Macau day 1 Lourence looking good!

Discussion in 'Tournaments and Competition' started by ducks, Apr 28, 2018.

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    Lourence Ilagan of the Philippines won today. He was looking good. In the semis at 167, he shot 60, 57, and hits the 25! Unlucky! In the finals he was at 161 and went 60, 51, and 25 AGAIN! On 162, he went 20, 60, and now he hits the 50, to leave 32, which he hit on his next dart. It looks like he has changed his form a bit. He has always had a quick release, but he wasn't really a tempo player. There were many times in the past when he would stop and take a step back between darts. It looks like he has tried to stop doing that.

    In the finals it looked like there were times Russ Bray had to talk to the chalker. Not good. I'm sure he's not happy about it. It's not like the guys were spraying darts all over the board. Lourence and his opponent shot pretty sharply, which made it easy for even me to count while watching the match.
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    Awesome thanks for posting!

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