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Discussion in 'Youth Darters Forum' started by Rocky, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Rocky

    Rocky Moderator Site Moderator

    Well hopfully by now all the youth players have started their season, I know we have and we have many new players joing us this year and it looks like we will be getting more also...

    To the youth players, Pratice DOES make better.. and better does get you higher level of darts.. Keep praticing and have fun.. Post anything good OR bad here, lets us ALL help you in your daily routins!
  2. Rocky

    Rocky Moderator Site Moderator

    Anyone else getting involved oin youth darts, Or interested in getitng into a league let me know and see if i can help you!
  3. Art

    Art Member

    mine is finaly getting started on friday...i can't wait.
  4. radar

    radar New Member

    well art i hope it goes well for you.
  5. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Well its not a youth league but our tuesday league is at the half way point now. You get two points for a win, 0 for a loss in this league and we lead the table by two points having won all of our games this season. My personall record is 3 out of 5, or 4 out of 6 if you include the bye game I had.

    Half the sason left and we start the cup games tonight (the two divisons participate in the 'Observer cup' (sponsered by local newspaper). We have a great chance because we play a team below us tonight (qualifiers) and then we get a team bottom of our league in the last 16 (if we win tonight).

    The team that we play tonight are 4th and we beat them 7-0 away earlier in the season.

    Its all going well! :)
  6. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Won 2-0, best performance of the season by a mile :)
  7. Rocky

    Rocky Moderator Site Moderator

    Way to go Tom, sounds like your having a great new season, keep up the good work. remember, loosing isnt as bad either, it makes you focus on winning harder!

    Keep us posted!
  8. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Thanks Rock. Yeah its going good so far, what nice though is having such a great teamn behind me. Everyone is so support supportive of each other gets behind you. Everyone was really happy for me yesterday as they know I can play well and I did.

    Next round is next Tuesday and I can't wait!

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