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  1. digger331

    digger331 New Member

    this notice is to inform SEWA members that due to the constantly increasing size of posters and forum traffic, there will be a change in the post count ranks in the near future.

    In order for all members to quickly recognize the senior members of the SEWA staff, all superusers, moderators, and admins will carry an officer's rank, while regular members will be enlisted with a top rank of Sergeant Major. (All professional darters will continue to have general ranks)

    The basic reason SEWA's is changing the ranks is for new members (we anticipate a great deal of new people during and after the WSOD) is so they can instantly recognize the more experienced members of the SEWA crew.

    The new rank structure and the post count required for each rank will be posted soon.

    Since SEWA is primarily an advice-oriented site, it'll be very easy for new members to see who knows their stuff. This will be a great way to gauge advice and further your dart skills, which is the main reason you're here right?

    aka "digger"/SEWA adjutant
  2. digger331

    digger331 New Member

    rank changes complete.

    the new rank structure/post cont values are:
    Private 1
    Private First Class 25
    Lance Corporal 50
    Corporal 75
    Sergeant 150
    Staff Sergeant 300
    Gunny (Gy/Sgt) 500
    "Top" (M/Sgt) 800
    Sergeant. Major (Sgt. Maj.) 1600

    Warrant Officer Ranks - 1800+

    should anyone wish to retain their previous rank, please let me know. Your request will be put before the SEWA staff which will consider your promotion based on time in grade (your time here on the forum) and your overall editorial contributions (posts) to the SEWA forums.
  3. KopRalph11

    KopRalph11 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    Thanks Digger,
    Just so our Forum members know. A lot of thought and discussion was made by the moderators before changes to the ranks were made. Kudos to Digger and his efforts to prepare and push forward the growth of SEWA. Diggers efforts need to be noted as outstanding for Sewa.
    Thanks again big guy.
  4. CraigB

    CraigB Best looking Craig B in the forum! $:-{P> Staff Member Site Admin

    Hmm.. Are we REALLY going to war against other forums so Erik can promote himself to five stars? [​IMG][​IMG]
  5. digger331

    digger331 New Member

    lol - not possible - the Corps only goes up to four stars. Anyway, in the Corps, it doesn't matter how stars (or stripe) a person has. Just as on here, the rank hierarchy serves a purpose because it's built using strong members throughout the chain of command.

    thanks for the kudos. To be honest, it's a tad selfish on my part as well. I want to be able to say I belong to the best darts forums around so I do everything I can to make that possible.
  6. CraigB

    CraigB Best looking Craig B in the forum! $:-{P> Staff Member Site Admin

    True, but Erik was in the Army as well and could promote himself to General of the Army (five stars)!

    Of course, that would mean that Darci would have to become General of the Armies to keep one star ahead of him! [​IMG] (I think Pershing and Washington just rolled over in their graves! Lol! :mrgreen: )
  7. digger331

    digger331 New Member

    never! a true marine's heart belongs to the Corps forever!

    I remember our bedtime prayer at boot camp, "Semper Fi, do or die! OOOO-rah!"
  8. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Craig, I was a Marine serving in the Army.

    You can take the Marine out of the Marine Corps, but you can't take the Marine Corps out of the Marine! Oooorrrraaaahhhhh!

    Sempir Fi Mac!

    As for Digger? Digger has done more work on this site of late then I have that's for certain!!! DIgger has become the most valuable member to the site in many many ways and has been doing the job of two marines! In truth, it is becuase of digger that I have had more time to myself and I appreciate that a great deal!

    For his service to the site I have been considering a promotion, but sadly I've just not come up with the wording to put it together, so Mr. Digger expect something soon.

  9. KopRalph11

    KopRalph11 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    Well said Erik,
    Digger has become a real cornerstone.
    3 cheers
  10. CraigB

    CraigB Best looking Craig B in the forum! $:-{P> Staff Member Site Admin

  11. digger331

    digger331 New Member

    thanks for the kind words, Erik, they mean a lot. I don't really need a promotion, tho. My position as adjutant is adequate. However, I will not say no to any monetary reparations. lol :D

    I remember when I was in the Corps, we used to dream about all the stuff "zoomies" and "flyboys" were getting. While we in no way wanted to be in the Air Force, we used to dream about the catered messhalls (eating there was a special treat for us), the hotel-like barracks and the easy-living that was a part of the AF-life.

    However, nothing compares to sleeping in a tent, eating out of a can, and dreaming about being a short-timer. :D
  12. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Oh well ;) Promotion is complete!

    Ahhh yes, being a short timer! I was so short once that I needed a ladder to get up onto the sidewalk!

  13. Ramses

    Ramses New Member

    Congrats, Digger! do I get me one o' dem dere fluffy-written thingamabobs? :lol:

    Great, job! You're a real asset to the team!
  14. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    hehe I'm not sure digger has even looked at that yet! He probably thinks I lost mine from the Corps days! NO WAY! I keep them well gaurded!

    I plan to put my promotions in frames some day, but at the moment I have them in well protected sheet protectors.

    The Marine Corps promotions are well, special :) And to get one on the SECOND day of the month was a BIG deal when I was in :) Becuase all regular promotions are effective the 1st not the second so if your new rank is effective the second of the month that means you were promoted outside of normal channels.

    I'd forgotten about that though, until this morning when I dug up an old promotion letter for digger's promotion.

  15. KopRalph11

    KopRalph11 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    Well deserved Digger.
  16. digger331

    digger331 New Member

    thanks - it means alot to know my efforts haven't gone unnoticed.
  17. BlackHorse

    BlackHorse Moderator Site Moderator

    That's actually part of the problem, Digger - so much of what you do is behind the scenes, that us enlisted members don't even know it is going on.

    For all that we see, and for all that we have to play with on this site, and especially for all that we don't even know about, thanks very much indeed.
  18. diddle

    diddle New Member


    you've done a ton of work here, especially in the last week or so.


    You're contribution is amazing!
    You're a seminal player here, no doubt about it.
  19. digger331

    digger331 New Member

    thanks again - and to think I haven't played a real game since October - I practice everyday, yet in between league nights and organizing tourneys, I never get to play - I find it all amusingly ironical. :D

    here I am, up to my neck in the darts community and I can't even get in a game! hah! :lol:
  20. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Don't feel bad Digger, I have the same problem almost! But, thanks to you I've gotten to play a little more then I might have.

    One thing folks should know is that running this site can take an amazing amount of ones time. I've spent as much as 3-5 hours a day for the better part of 3 years maintaining the site and trying to improve on it. Thanks to Digger my time has been spent doing other aspects of maintaining the site (like the new server for example) and I've gotten a chance to smooze with some folks and didn't have to worry about the site in my absense.

    What makes this site the best? Folks like Digger who are willing to give of themselves selflessly all in the name of improiving the darting community.

    My hats off to you my friend!

    Now let's look for that next admin! ;)


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