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    I just recently got back home from playing at the national darts Finals for steel tip darts in Lisbon Portugal, it is the first time I have ever played in such an event and I really enjoyed it. I played in the 501 doubles event representing the city of Portimao, it was the 1st time that a team from our area has played there for around 10 years.
    We were a team of 5 guys, 2 doubles teams and 2 of the guys played in the singles 501, we did not win but we played well in patches and made some new friends at the event, we lost narrowly 3-2 in the last 2 matches,

    I personally checked out a 145 along the way which pleased me but in the last match in the deciding leg with our opponents sat on a 2 dart finish I had 128 left on my turn.

    I hit T20 with dart 1 and the first dart sat well and my confidence had grown so I hit T20 again with the 2nd dart instead of going down the usual 18 then Bull Route.

    I had 1 dart in hand and 8 left to score I took a deep breath and went at double 4...... Disaster as I pulled it down into double 13 and the tough opposition checked out to send us packing, lol.

    It was an honour for me being an Englishman and going to the Portuguese national finals and I feel I have become a better player overnight for the whole experience. Time will tell, lol.
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    To have the opportunity to play in an event like a National Championship is very special. I had the honor of competing in a national intercollegiate golf championship. No matter whether it’s in your home pub or at the National that you were at or on stage at Alexandra Palace you can only do your best and leave the outcome to God! Good play!
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