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Discussion in 'Dart News' started by SkySports RSS, Dec 31, 2018.

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    Michael van Gerwen is gunning to become just the second player after Phil Taylor to win three PDC World Championship titles as he prepares to face Michael Smith in the final.

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    Even if he wins this year, he'll need a few more years to hit the next milestone! LOL.
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    Anderson (as usual) has not given MVG the respect that he should after MVG destroyed him fairly and squarely, Anderson did not play badly it was just that MVG never allowed him to get into the match as he was playing at a level above him and hitting everything.

    Set 1 MVG 111.00 average Anderson 106.00, set 2 102 MVG and 95 Anderson, set 3 112 MVG and 94 Anderson

    Set 4 they both averaged over 110 and MVG won it, set 5 MVG was starting to switch off a bit and his average dropped below 100 to 98 for the 1st time but Anderson was shell shocked by then and threw his only poor leg by his standards at 89 average.

    Set 6 MVG lost it with a 105 average to Andersons 98 average. The final set in Andersons 6 to 1 mauling both players threw below 100 average.... 96 for MVG and 92 for Anderson, MVG got his concentration back and finished Anderson off.

    The bottom line is that..MVG got too comfortable at 5 zip and slacked off a little and this allowed Anderson to stop shaking and win a set, it also brought MVGs average down to just below 105 for the whole 7 sets and Anderson at 98 for the 7 sets, sometimes (Mentally) you can only play as well as your opponent allows you to play and MVG was Brilliant in this Semi Final match against Anderson and he controlled him throughout.

    Michael Smith played great against Nathan Aspinall but play well as he did, Aspinall never pressurised Smith in every set as MVG did to Anderson.

    It promises to be a great Final if Michael Smith can keep hitting double 9 that served him so well in his semi final with the talented Nathan Aspinall and keep averaging over 50% checkouts.

    No doubt that Michael Smith is a great player but he averages a very decent 39% over his last 2,000 legs of darts but like Anderson when he is put under extreme pressure at the highest level it seems that he begins to miss doubles at the crucial time.

    MVG was 50% for checkouts against Anderson in the semi final and he averages a fantastic 44% over his last 4,025 legs of darts, he rarely misses big doubles under pressure.
    As the odds suggest MVG is a very strong favourite to prove once again that he is the greatest darts player in the world. Time will tell.
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    A fantastic win in the final by MVG and he really deserved this latest success, he controlled Michael Smith in this final just as he controlled Smiths mentor Gary Anderson in the semi final match.
    Now the doubters will have to eat humble pie and acknowledge the fact that MVG is the greatest active dart player in the world at present.
    The late Eric Bristow was the greatest darts player in his era and he handed the torch to Phil Taylor who was the greatest darts player in his era and now MVG is the greatest darts player in this present era.

    There is a lot more competition in depth around in the present day Darts, especially in the PDC and the young players like Cross, Dobey, Aspinall, Smith, Humphries and Van den Bergh etc will be snapping at his heels. MVG is still only 29 years old himself though so he is not going to make it easy for them.
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