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Discussion in 'MINUTE MAN Dart League (MMDL)' started by rsmith167, May 7, 2012.

  1. rsmith167

    rsmith167 New Member

    With one week left to go, I figured it would be a good time to put a bracket together and see where everyone stands for this years Super A Playoffs.

    I kept everyone where they are now and the bracket should stay the same barring any big collapses this coming week. Eagles/MadDogs and Seadogs/Shrek are the only 2 I could see changing.

    Big questions are as follows: Will Suicide 9 Repeat?? Can anyone stop them this year(Flight Fighters have once this year)?? Which underseed will make some noise(Hired Guns/Seadogs/MadDogs)??



    Gonna have to copy paste, cant get link to work.
  2. Chitown599

    Chitown599 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Wow, completely overlooked the Meat Whistles.

    I would say this season is more open then past seasons. There are at least 6 teams that can win it all, as long as all the stars align. I wouldn't overlook the Sea Dogs, or Shrek's team either.
    Darts is an unforgiving game. A few misses can turn into losses very quickly. All it takes is a team to get hot at the right moment, and it's over for the team they are playing. I remember 1 season, where nobody gave the Incredible's much of a chance to win the State Championship, but anyone who played in the top division knows how that turned out. It can happen this season very easily.
  3. bigguy

    bigguy New Member

    like frank said it's a tossup the whisles r much improved as r the flightfighters either team can beat the 9. centrall has some solid teams also as for boston i cant say as i dont know who's with who. the north is always tough with the young guns in it 2. i do know any of the teams in my division if they get hot they can beat any1 out there. on that i say good luck 2 every1 in the STATE TOURNAMENT
  4. Chitown599

    Chitown599 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Week 1 of the playoffs, pits the 2 teams below against each other. Should be fun.

    Ken Boyce
    • Michael Boyce
    • David Burke
    • Brian Burns
    • Jim Burns (C)
    • William Cleary
    • John Cooper
    • Dan Gilson
    • Bob Wadland


    Roy Chad
    Fred Conley
    Bucky MacWilliams
    Mike Maguire
    Steve Maguire
    Steve O'Rourke (C)
    Ron Packard
    Frank Smith (if needed)
    Mike Talbot
  5. Tracy

    Tracy New Member

    I must say that this poll will definatly favor the South Shore as there are very few from other areas that come to this site anymore! 8O 8O
  6. ppv

    ppv New Member

    These guys got sent up to SA 2 seasons ago. Have to say, there was a HUGE improvement in them from last season to this one. Most of these guys have been kicking around the league for a long time. They have a couple of young guys who can play, the ones who improved the most from last season. I think they both just need a break-thru moment or two and their games will jump even more.
  7. bigguy

    bigguy New Member

    never underestimate any team, come playoff time anything can & will happen if u do
  8. kirby

    kirby New Member

    Are you playing or just phoning in your scores??? :lol: :lol:
  9. bigguy

    bigguy New Member

    it's a nite to nite decision kirby wether i make it or not rite now OT's the thing

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