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    A game of darts may seem like just a simple sport or bar game, but it actually has a very profound origin story. I came across an article from The Toy Report and decided to share this interesting fact with you guys. They also have more texts about the history of darts if you're interested.

    The game of darts originated from England in the 1500s during the reign of King Henry VII.
    • Its creation is considered to be accidental. It was King Henry's demand that his archers were to practice their skills all year round. During the peacetime, soldiers spent their time drinking and hanging out, and eventually the game of darts was conceived when drunken archers saw a barrel of ale on the floor as tempting targets. The archers would throw their arrows using their hands and arms instead of their bows at these targets. Soon enough, they realized that throwing arrows at this target was actually a game of skill instead of chance and they honed their techniques and compete to see who could hit the center of the ring.
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