Impact of Developmental Tours for PDC

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    The performances by round one qualifiers in the world championships has been impressive. Baggish and Young of the US, and the Japanese and Philippine qualifiers have played great darts, and don't forget the ageless Paul Lim, who plays for Singapore again. It can be argued that we are seeing results that can be directly attributed to the success of the tours affiliated with the PDC. The CDC tour in the US, the PDC Asian Tour, the PDC Developmental Tour, and others. These tours are giving players multiple opportunities to play the best competition in a PDC style format.

    This past June at the Asia Tour stop in Taipei, I was very impressed with the quality of players participating. Every Asian player in the world championship draw this year, aside from the mainland Chinese, was in Taipei. The 2019 PDC Asian tour gave these top players twelve competitions over the course of this year to battle against the best shooters in the region in preparation for the world championships. In terms of prestige and importance, the PDC Asian Tour in just two years, has eclipsed by far, the Dartslive The World competition as the showcase tour in Asia.
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    Wow! Can't believe I let that slip away from me! I usually check in and see who's doing what but forgot this year :( Thanks for the reminder!
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    There's a dart event going on somewhere?

    ( :D )

    I may actually throw some tonight. A little Welshman will be taking me out for my birthday. That will make it only the third time I've played this year!
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    Happy belated Birthday!
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    Welshmen scare me. That whole dragon thing and funny language lol J/K
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