How are your league standings calculated?

Discussion in 'General League stuff' started by fotoman, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. fotoman

    fotoman New Member

    I am now on the board of my local dart league and would like to implement some changes in the next year and just taking a pulse on how everyone else's leagues determine who the league champion is and who makes the playoffs.
  2. mretome

    mretome New Member

    8) Games won is first. Head-to-head is first tie-breaker and if necssary match wins is second tie-breaker.
  3. KopRalph11

    KopRalph11 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    Depending on league. If youre in the upper league its done by per game bases if your in a lower league its done by match.
  4. CannonFodder

    CannonFodder New Member

    In our league, most of the games are best of 3. If you win 1 game, that's one point. If you win 2 games on the trot, then you get points for all 3 games.
    So 4 people play on the team, where each is playing a match of 301-DIDO, (a total of 12 points to gain for the teams) then 1 game of double 501 for each (for a total of 6 points for the teams), then double cricket (another 6 points) and finally a team game for a total of 1 point.

    This leaves the possibility to take exactly 25 points for a night. In the fall, every team play every other team, and the best vs. the worst team actually do yield 25 points to the best and 0 to the other teams (occasionally). This year though, the top part after fall went into an "A" league (A teams only play A teams), and the bottom go into "B". My team is dead last in A, and we have only won 1 night of the 7-8 we have played. I'm still proud of that though! Our team earned a spot in the A league. There's only 2 women in the A league and they are both on our team :) In fact we've had nights with subs when I was the only guy on the team! :)
  5. Shoot_Well

    Shoot_Well New Member

    Oops... I clicked wrong :oops:

    Our league plays as follows:

    4 person team tactics 1 game win= 1 point
    4 person team 1001 2 out of 3 win =2 points
    2 games of doubles 701 2 out of 3 win = 1 point each
    4 games of singles 501 2 out of 3 win =1 point each

    So our nites are out of 9.

    I have seen arguments on either side of the fence on this one. The biggest arguments came in a league I played in that didn't have divisions. They tried to "cater" to the lower teams by giving them a point per game and when all was said and done it turned out pretty much the same... it just looked better on paper when the lower teams looked at their points.... they had "more".
  6. UsualChaos

    UsualChaos New Member

    Game wins. Best of of 11. :)
  7. BlackHorse

    BlackHorse Moderator Site Moderator

    I would prefer game wins. If you end up losing a lot of matches 2-1 instead of 2-0, it should be shown. The better losing teams would have a better record than those that get swept all the time. It also gives incentive for teams/players who figure they are going to lose to the superior team - they will try harder to win at least one.

    If it does even out, no loss. But it will show sometimes, and thus give more encouragement. And it is the losing teams and players who need that encouragement.

    Not picking on your post, SW, but while no one should be catered to in such a way to give them an advantage, the format should be set up to foster the best and most entertaining darts.

    More and more I see the value in elevating the game and the participation of the so-called weaker shooters. It has to edify the sport overall. After all, the stronger players are involved and participating regularly. It is the weaker ones who can become bigger supporters of the sport, and who are needed to increase the ranks.
  8. Drac0

    Drac0 New Member

    I play in two leagues and while the format is similar in both, the way standings are determined is different.

    2 x triples 801 (1 leg)
    3 x doubles 601 (1 leg)
    6 x singles 501 (best of 3)

    Total points = 11

    Standings are determined by who wins overall on the night, regardless of individual match wins. Individual match wins are only used as a tie breaker. So unless there's a tie, a 6-5 match is no different to an 11-0 match.

    2 x triples 801 (1 leg)
    3 x doubles 601 (best of 3)
    6 x singles 501 (best of 3)

    Total points = 11 + 2 point bonus for winning team.

    Standings are determined by match wins and bonus points. This makes these nights a little more competitive because every match-up counts in the end.


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