Hit any 180's today?

Discussion in 'Practice, Strategy & Technique' started by Erik, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. zeeple

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  2. VanO

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    I had a near 25 year hiatus really and I don’t recall any ton80s prior to joining Dartplayer. Thanks to everyone here past and present for making that happen for me!
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  3. bulldozer

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    I practice a lot and I hit 180s every day now but some days I hit more than others, I am currently using some Simon Whitlock 22gram darts that I put Winmau 41 mm points in and I am really enjoying throwing them. I bought the soft tip version too and today for the soft tip set I got some Cosmo stems and super kite flights in the post and they were made for each other and they are flying great, so happy times, lol..
  4. VanO

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    Hey Dozer! Seems like we hadn’t heard from you for a while. Fully mended from your rib and lung problems?! Glad you’re back and glad to hear that your stroke is good too! For me the ton80s seem to come about twice a week or so. But the ton, ton20 and ton40 are happening much more frequently. I, like Rod Harrington, think that’s the best indicator of a strong game. If I can be at an out in 12 to 15 darts consistently I would be over the moon. Just a couple good clicks against another dart and your getting close to a perfect game! I remember watching video of Ted ”the Count” Hankey throwing back to back identical 11 dart games. He still looked grumpy after though! :D
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  5. Erik

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    Time on the board is the key Van :) I literally put hundreds of hours on the board before I began to hit several 180's a day. Hell I think one year I hit the board at least 1500 hours! That's 5+ hours per day, most days of the year. When I was at my best back in '05='06 I was tossing darts 2-3 hours per evening when not at the pub and shooting 100@20's over and over again (sometimes at least 10 times in a row).....I got to the point I could hit 6 or 8 180's in a practice session and that wasn't enough! Not at least enough to break into the upper ranks of US players (meaning top 25 or so)....but I did make the Top 80 (76th at one point).
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    Yeah Erik! When Ben Hogan beat the guys on tour regularly there was talk of his “secret.” When asked about it he replied saying “it’s in the dirt go dig it up.” Using your golf clubs of course! I think darters probably think the same of Phil Taylor!
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  7. Ed Metzler

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    How about my first-ever 171? Made my day!
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  8. VanO

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    There’s no emoji for clapping hands but I’m doing it! Good job!
  9. kennyg

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    First 180 on Blade 5 board and first ever steel tip
    first 180.jpg
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  10. VanO

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    Nice darts Ken. Looks like I’ll have work cut out for me!
  11. KopRalph11

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  12. kennyg

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    I don't think so lots of 26's 45's etc not many big scores
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