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Discussion in 'Youth Darters Forum' started by KopRalph11, Mar 10, 2008.

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    I am excited to report that the Houston Youth Darts is doing well. The last I heard from the prez is that it is expanding to another High school. Here is a pic from the recent bluebonnet where Johnny K took time out from his matches to spend a lot of time with our youth. Thank you Johnny, I am sure you left a great impression on the youngsters. I also would like to thank Wayne Crook and SleepyKramer for providing us with darts for the expansion and present kids in the program. I also would like to thank Ron H Chuck R and Gwen O for your great participation and time you have given into this program.
  2. Thorn

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    So cool! Nice work, keep it up! :lol: :wink:
  3. radar

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    maybe our league shopuld go down for a challenge.
  4. Rocky

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    Kop, Great to hear about the youth programme, Great to see it Finally getting back into some schools.... I WILL be aporaching the schools around here and seing what can be done,, Seing your pic brings great hopes!

    Thanks for the story!
  5. Guest

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    Totally awesome, KR!!

    For everyone, we know this section does not allow everyone to post because it's the kids section and you need to request to be added to it....however....that does not mean that you cannot read and think about ways to support stuff like this.

    Last year, I took the time to get together a huge amount of supplies for youth programs for Rocky, Shoot_Well, Art, DartTalker, and even a bunch for our southern Thorn.

    I would be more than happy to donate my time again for another effort this year to support the Houston school youth program. With everyone's support, this program could grow to incredible proportions.

    So what do ya say, people?.....are we up for the challenge?
  6. radar

    radar New Member

    i might be able to get some stuff but i need most of them but im pretty sure i have some stuff lying around here

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