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    Well, the experiment is over. After using my One80 Alex Reyes, no. 5 soft tips for a little over a year, I've switched back to my Target Zener No. 5. They feel great.

    I just couldn't seem to really get comfortable shooting the longer darts. I could never seem to really figure out the balance and grip. I tried a couple of flight and shaft combinations, but I could never get the "feeling". A couple of weeks ago I remembered the time I picked up a Zener at a local shop and shot with them. Straight into the bull with good speed on the first shot. On successive shots, minimal adjusting of grip, and angle, and speed. Two weeks ago I decided if I could get that feeling again. And I did! The first night out wasn't too good, but last weekend I had a couple of super practices. I hit 3 180s (Soft tip board) in an hour of practice shooting exclusively at 20s. Friday I hit a 180, and missed several with the last darts. Yesterday I had three or four chances at 180s but missed with third darts each time.

    Boy am I glad I didn't sell those darts!
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