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    I've been struggling for a bit. Lack of practice was one factor. Stress was another. When you start struggling, you brain and body will do things that actually make things worse when it thinks it's trying to help. I'd have moments of great darts, but the next leg I'd be all over the place. My stroke that used to be really smooth became jerky and I'd lunge or hop. Often times, I'd rush my throw or have my elbow out causing me to pull my darts to the side a bit. When I'd be playing and have a bad throw, I'd over-think things, start gripping too tight and it would just get worse. I decided I needed a break after this session of league (and I still intend to take that break).

    While talking to a friend of mine (who has also been struggling), he mentioned something he did in practice and it just struck. I thought, "Why didn't I think of that!?!?" He simply said, "When I walk to the oche and get in my stance, I imagine I have a glass of water on my head. I have to throw without "spilling the water." My eyes just lit up. Why didn't I ever consider that?! I went home and tried it. HOLY COW! My grouping and accuracy improved immediately! I was actually enjoying practice again because I was hitting more than I missed! Don't get me wrong, I didn't go from terrible to ready for TV, but it was a very noticeable difference. The following league night, I was in a tough 501 match with a very good player. He ended up beating me in the decider of a best of 3, but I gave him a good match and he threw a 17 darter and a 24 darter to win (I hit a 21 to take the second leg of the match).

    Afterward, my wife told me that it was the smoothest and most consistent she had seen me throw for a long time. I knew I was onto something.

    What I do is step to the oche, and I get in my stance and I say to myself "glass of water" and try to throw without spilling the water. There are times when I'll start rushing or jerking my stroke (habits are hard to break), but when I realize it, I pause, think "glass of water" and usually my next dart is in or very close to my target.

    This may not work for everyone, and you may not have the same issues that I have had, but this certainly worked for me so far! :eek:
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    That's a take-off from the old English method of imagining a pint of beer on your throwing arm bicep. Same concept. As they say (whoever "they" are!), whatever works! :wink:
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    Just like always I’m digging around in some old posts and saw this. Great golfer named Mor Norman used to imagine he could hold a glass of water on the club face halfway into his follow through. Thinking if he didn’t spill the water his club would be facing the target. Indeed it was not a good thing to emulate exactly the image would slow the rolling of the arms in the follow through and prevent “flipping.” These images are great in the dart stroke too. Excellent post!

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