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Discussion in 'General Dart Talk' started by Erik, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Erik

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    So I've been using the G3 boards and playing remote as a form of practice. I do find it's good to compete with someone and while the pace is slow at times I think that is also good as it more represents the pace in a match vs just pounding away at a board alone.

    One thing I find it that it emphasizes a point for me: Good games are great, good constancy is much much better ;) Last night I went out for some practice and opened with a very nice 5.75MPR game and thought "man, I can't miss".....and was gutted when I proceeded to hit just outside the wire over and over again for the next several games....I eventually got back to hitting 'ok' but never returned to that confident triple smashing level I started the night with.

    Cricket / 200 5.75 -- opened with 7 20's then hit T19, T18, T17
    Cricket / 200 2.64
    Cricket / 200 2.64
    Cricket / 200 1.9 -- yes that's right
    Cricket / 200 2.82
    Cricket / 200 2.07
    Cricket / 200 2.8
    Cricket / 200 2.38
    Cricket / 200 2.61
    Cricket / 200 3.15 -- 3 6 marks
    Cricket / 200 3.09 -- only one 7 mark, no 5's etc so I was back hitting the pie

    Since bullshooterlive.com tracks all results I can go back and look at each game to see what I did and I see that I went steadily downhill over the course of 7 games then picked it up slowly over the next 3 and called it a night after one game of 501 in which I averaged 27.83ppd (not great but ok)...my overall cricket average dropped from over 3mpr to 2.81mpr over the last two sessions which is frustrating because I could hit in the 4+ range just 6 months ago (average) and seeing my average on a soft tip board drop so much is certainly challenging my motivation!

    Anyway, that's where I am at and I am hoping that I can recover from this slump but what's weird is that in league I picked it up shooting an average of 3.43mpr in my last match (despite one bad game).... next league match is Wednesday so we'll see if I can knock off the cobwebs between now and then

  2. Erik

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    Started out pretty rough today and feeling like I just couldn't hit crap!

    First 4 games looked like this:
    The next three started to come together:
    Then I just fell off!
    That 1.38 was infuriating as I was hitting the next segment over almost every throw. Normally at this point I've spent my $5 lunch allotment (self imposed) and I head back to work but today I was kinda pissed at myself and decided to shoot another 9 games, slotted in the $5 and proceeded to hit much better, here is the result:
    3.75 (this was against the guy I threw the 1.38 against -- I don't think he liked that! lol)
    5.12 (one of my better games of late)

    I'm finding that I have to settle down and really get myself into the match and at that point it almost seems like work!!! I don't drink at lunch though so maybe a nice jack and coke would have settled me sooner. Either way I think I need several games just to get my darts going and then I can step up and play a little better. Those last 9 games averaged 3.451MPR and I am happy with that though I still expect myself to shoot a lot better.

    I'm either going to work it out and play better or I'll have to come to terms with my performance! LOL I'd rather work harder ;)
  3. Erik

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    Managed to follow that with an ok run of:
    2.72 3.38
    3.11 4.2
    3.41 3.78
    3.55 2.32
    3.39 3
    3.44 2.88

    Fell off at the end but came back the next day and shot ok.

    2.40 2.76 3.09
    2.67 3.00 3.09
    4.00 3.42
    2.91 4.88
    2.90 3.88
    2.27 2.74
    3.65 3.00
    2.33 2.66

    The run was not real impressive with me playing all over the place but I managed to pull off enough decent games that my average is at least up over 3 again LOL...now on to 4!
  4. Erik

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    After a pretty bad patch of fighting my through I got out today to meet the bar owner I play at and demo the board a little. The first game I was talking her through the process etc and then after she left I played a few more. Not great but better than it has been lately!

    My average isn't great at the moment south of 3mpr but I feel I'm making progress in getting my game back. here are my highs so far:


    OK 2.86 but I was shooting around 1.8 for a while so I'm ok with this as I've seen some improvements.

    Gotta say I love the 'paste' feature in here :)
  5. Erik

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    One thing I've noticed is that I lose a LOT on the bull these days....it's so big you'd think I'd hit the darn thing but alas, I'm missing it too often. I may be shooting 3.5+mpr in a lot of those games but get to the bull and it drops like a rock! Gotta fix that.
  6. seedykiwi

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    Well, given that I've recently started playing a remote soft tip League I might have to start playing some more remote games. hmmmm
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  7. kimber

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    I wonder how much of your underperformance is getting used to playing global. It's a different animal. I played webcamdarts for a month or two and never got used to it. When I play live I don't have to be watching a shitload of TV to see what the other guy is doing. I can get in my own head (in a good way) and often just focus on my darts or the ground between turns. I find I'm pretty shitty on global...but this weekend playing a tournament with a live opponent felt just like what I'm used to in steel and I threw very comfortably.

    I'd be willing to bet you'd throw better either against a live opponent or playing count up games yourself.
  8. kimber

    kimber Moderator Site Moderator

    My specific issue in Webcam darts was rushing myself and losing focus. I felt pressure to get my three darts thrown quickly...while in live games I never feel that pressure and in fact am happy to slow things down a bit. Global for me has some of that same feeling and also hurts my focus. I'm sure I could get over it with practice....
  9. Erik

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    Nah, truth is I just am having a hard time throwing whether at the board at work alone or online. Doesn't matter much though sometimes I play better against someone.
  10. Erik

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    Better run today. Finally feeling like the darts are coming back but I also feel it isn't great until I'm hitting in the 4's consistently. Came close today but not quite.
  11. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Not a great day today (or yesterday) as I was really struggling to hit the trips (kept hitting the wrong ones).
    Ahh well, I hit the bulls well though :)
  12. Erik

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    Was playing better today though I had some tough games in there. Still, much happier.

    Overall 3.17mpr thanks to those 3 low games. A nice white horse and several good 7 marks and it felt good on some of those games.
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  13. Erik

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    I moved up to 2.82 or 2.84mpr over the last 50 games so improving again let's see if I can keep it up now
  14. Erik

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    Really struggled today. Had a few good games but all in all it just felt like work the rest of the time ;)

    Only averaged 2.82mpr today and my overall 50 game average is now 2.85 so despite some pretty shoddy games it climbed a little anyway....was about 2.89 for a minute today LOL and then I kinda fell apart.
  15. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Tired today but started good then fell off pretty badly and finally came back up again. Hit 2.90 overall before falling off to 2.88mpr overall
    Average for today was 2.98mpr so not great but better than I had been playing. I'll keep at it.
  16. Erik

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    Funny thing, I've played just over 280 games of cricket and have hit about as many 5 marks as well as 6, 7's and 9's combined plus 5 Whitehorses

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