Frustrating throwing problems!!!!

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    I’ve developed an issue where my darts land at an angle pointing to the right. So if you were looking from above like this \

    I practise a lot and always endeavour to have good technique and mechanics. I feel I’ve exhausted so many factors. Things I’ve tried.

    *fixing elbow drop on draw back
    * smooth follow through and full extension
    *loads of grip variations.
    *thinking about it
    *not thinking about it
    *not reaching to soon for my feeder hand
    *releasing earlier. Releasing later.
    *elbow/foreman angles
    *different darts.
    *wrist snap. Not wrist snap. Every angle of my dam wrist on drawback.

    Its really getting to me. Every now and then they straighten up and I think I’ve cracked it - but they then return to that angle. WORSE: I also miss by hitting the 1 all the time even though the darts point towards 5!!!!

    any help or ideas on this would be hugely appreciated.

  2. CraigB

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    These things are never any fun to figure out. Here are my suggestions:

    1) Get someone else to watch (or video yourself from different angles). You should notice you're doing something you hadn't considered.

    2) This tends to happen when you're unconsciously spinning your darts, but can also be flight related (gotta ask, you don't have any air vents nearby, do you?)

    3) Check your stance (didn't see this one listed). You may be compensating for a stance that's off a bit. The general tip is to move on the oche TOWARDS the side you're missing on (this can be a little counter-intuitive). Experiment with your angle in relationship to the board too. You want to have a balanced and comfortable stance where your arm feels like it's easy to throw straight.

    Good luck!
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  3. Fugs

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    Hi - thanks a lot for this. Appreciate the help.
  4. VanO

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    Frustrating for sure! Craig is in the spot with his thoughts and I can add just a bit. The spinning issue is mentioned by Ken Kessler in a hard to find book called, “Darts:A comprehensive study of the game.” He refers to it as the P factor which is similar to a propellers thrust acting in the opposite direction of its rotation. In this case watch you darts for a counterclockwise soon. The second is something to do with you saying “dart goes in the 1 when it’s pointed at the 5. Generally if you release a dart with it pointed upward too much the day will enter the board pointed sharply downwards. This is because the flight corrects with drag. Same applies to the side to side movement. You may be extending your arm straight but with the point towards the left. The relative wind would force the flight end back to the left during flight and cause a situation like you have. Good luck!

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