Florence, Italy

Discussion in 'Places to Play' started by Showboat00, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. Showboat00

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    Just want to give a little support to a place I stumbled upon in Florence:

    Via San Gallo, 123 R, 50129 Firenze, Italy

    Nice steel-tip dart board set up, nice people, and located in central Florence (within walking distance to most of the major tourist sites). Played a few pick-up games and even tossed a ton-80 (and most importantly completed the leg with a 37 check out).
  2. Erik

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    Nice! I never found any decent ones in Naples when I was there -- pics?
  3. The KingPin

    The KingPin New Member

    Darts in Italy i much doubt such naw Milan , Como or Belgramo anyhow. Same goes in Spain as far as im aware off Madrid anyhow .

    As for in Amsterdam , Volendam. Haarlem and Leiden in Holland or the Netherlands many call the country

    then never seen one board Oops once in Amsterdam but no one playing at all ..maybe they seen my throwing at the board and decided it would be a waste of their time trying.

    Though heard the Hague is the darting city in Holland
    nxt time the Hague and ill just practice a little only as I do
    and once over there then ill just open their eyes for them once and fir awe
    as I take over the oche as once I stand at the oche then its my area
    in the room as simple as , and they have to win v me to take it over
    and that's easier said than done fir sure :p

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