Fist bump, High five, hand shake roulette.

Discussion in 'Dart Humor' started by Squiggle, Mar 29, 2018.

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    Is it just me or does anyone else run into this awkward situation when starting a team match? You want to wish your opponents well in a good sportsmanship fashion. You approach the first player with hand held high, they show you a fist, then after 3 back and forths, one of you end up open hand slapping the other on the knuckles. Then you approach the second opponent with a fist, they offer you an open hand, and it goes again. Then, with your own team mate the same thing! When you try to figure out what they prefer and adjust, they've adjusted to what you did to accommodate you!

    Then, if you do get it right, there's the dreaded "POWER PUNCH" fist bumper! You all know this dude (it's usually a dude). Big guy. Wearing a Tap Out T-shirt. Heavy into the "aiming fluid" by this point. He hits a big shot, you show approval with your outreaching fist and BAAAAMMM! You'd swear he was gripping a roll of quarters when he pops you. It's hard to throw when your hand is tingling!

    We need to set rules! Here's my thoughts:
    To start a doubles match; always wish the opponents well first! It's bad luck to high five your partner before your opponent (someone told me that once anyway).
    Two LIGHT fist bumps to the opponents with the usual "Shoot well" then a high five for your partner.

    During the match:
    Soft-tip has gotten to the point where they almost fist tap after every throw. Sorry, I don't feel like fist bumping to celebrate my second 26 in a row! Only scores of 80+ or strategic closes in cricket deserve a fist bump from an opponent.

    At the end of the match. Shake hands.

    There. Those are the rules! Pass it on! Or don't.... whatever.
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    It’s kind of like bro hugs too. Always awkward somehow. I’m an old school kinda guy! Don’t like fist bumps/taps, never did, never will! Shake hands! If there’s a germ thing involved wear gloves or something but shake hands. Five your team mates whether high or low. And I agree don’t celebrate every single turn with something.

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