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Discussion in 'PORTLAND AREA Dart Association (PADA)' started by Fletcher, Feb 22, 2010.

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    in competition we play to win. as far as being fair... I lost a game the other night just for being fair and not making the game a slaughter. I didn't think I would lose this game. I played a fair game so there would be good attitude for the rest of the games. but instead I lost to those darts that didn't mean to go to that number "lucky darts" so no more fair games :lol:
  2. CraigB

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    Sorry, you'll just have to get used to playing me instead!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Blind rosters are the best. I agree it doesnt really matter if you know who your playing or not. Thats why there are different levels of divisions, lets say ur in a B division and there are a few players a little better than you u should still have a good chance of beating them or u need to move down a level. Most of time u dont even know how good a player can play. I guess in an open roster league it would suck to be the best player on a team and get no competition cause the other team sacrifices lambs to praise you.
  4. CraigB

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    I'm just letting the new board decide for themselves, but when I was director we found that pairing up caused other issues like "lower skilled" team members complaining that they only ended up playing each other and they never got the chance to play the better players on the other team. So we went to blind rosters and that solved the issues. The only reason to do it section by section is to give each Captain the chance to sub someone in or out depending on how they're playing (or if someone arrives late or needs to leave early). If the entire match line-up was filled out up-front then this substituting couldn't happen (or there would be complaints about subbing to better the match-ups).

    Note that our matches are designed for four person teams, but you can have up to six on a team.

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