Dummy scores vs. In The Barrel?

Discussion in 'General League stuff' started by supabull, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. supabull

    supabull New Member

    The team league I play in is seeking to clarify the rules when one team is short a player. Of course the usual protocol is for a team to find and play with a sub. But, sometimes shite happens on short notice and someone’s not able to show, however the players present on both teams agree that they want to play the match anyway.

    Currently, the rule is that the match is played with a "dummy score" (0 points/marks) registered for every turn in doubles/team games for the missing player. For me personally, I find it unrewarding to accept a dummy score and would rather have the lone opposing player shoot every turn “in the barrel”. Some will say that this gives the lone player an advantage because they can better establish a rhythm shooting every turn (whereas my partner and I are still alternating turns). On the other hand, if the lone player is struggling then they don’t have a partner to fall back on and “pick them up”.

    Aside from my own personal hubris of not wanting to accept dummy scores (and therefore potentially winning games that are essentially handicapped), the other consideration for me is that it keeps the flow of the match since there’s no awkward moments of marking the 0 score and my partner and I shooting on consecutive turns. (That would break my rhythm and concentration…)

    Ultimately I think the league will decide to give captains the OPTION of having the opposing undermanned team either post dummy scores, or let them shoot in the barrel. (The decision would be made by the captain with the full team present and the undermanned team would have to accept their decision.) I’m just wondering what the SEWA community’s opinion on this is.

    (Edited because I spelled "barrel" with two L's in some places...)
  2. AmericanBadAss

    AmericanBadAss Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    I voted for dummy scores.

    Maybe I'm just rather parochial on my view of this, but if my team cannot field a full squad then that is on us and nobody else.

    That said I endured playing most of a season shorthanded and nobody gave us a break so perhaps I am influenced by that as well.
  3. mark

    mark Administrator Site Admin

    I voted for dummy scores. The lineup otherwise could field the "ace" on the barrel shooting twice which isn't always convenient for the other team (assuming the lineup is in the blind and this agreement takes place beforehand).

    Besides, I enjoy playing the shorthanded game although I've only won one leg that way in doubles 501 with a 120 on and a 180 in the first game leg. It often brings out the best.
  4. DEREK

    DEREK Active Member

    Neither...I want to see the games played 2 on 1. The 2 person team will go two turns to every one of the single player. That is why it is called short handed...let them try to win the point or points by having to best a 2 on 1. My summer team has done this and we have actually won the oints with no brakes and no dummy points...it was 2 on 1. B-na and Myself actually won a short handed 601 and Spin won a shorthanded cricket. 601 was 3 on 2 and cricket was 2 on 1...no brakes and no "dumbing down" of the game. Take the lumps for being short handed and thats it.
  5. mark

    mark Administrator Site Admin

    I thought that was what was meant. We leave the name empty on the lineup when a game is played shorthanded.
  6. supabull

    supabull New Member

    This is shooting in the barrel, unless I'm misundertsanding.

    In our league partners have to be rotated so there's no chance to set up your "ace" to shoot all doubles by themselves.
  7. BlackHorse

    BlackHorse Moderator Site Moderator

    We shoot with a Ghost. The Ghost scores 35 points.

    If it's DI, the live player shoots every turn until he is In.

    Once under 100 points, the Ghost does not shoot anymore.

    Not playing with the Ghost means the scheming Captains show up short handed on purpose, with their top guys. One of them plays twice and wins. There has to be some penalties. That team loses one Singles match automatically, for example.

    The rhythmn comment is perfectly true to my experience, Supa. When we had to play with a Ghost in B Div last year, my Captain always chose me to play with the Ghost and I always won.
  8. habanerojooz

    habanerojooz New Member

    I think that Derek is taking about a dummy score. 6 darts (2 people, 2 turns) to 3 darts (1 person, 1 turn).

    I had to do this at my last big tournament. My partner stiffed me in Sunday's 501 Open Doubles event. :x

    I shot 3 darts and then both of my opponents would take their turns, then I would shoot again. Basically it's 3 darts to 6 darts every turn.

    In the first leg, I was on a low 2 dart out after 5 turns (15 darts), but they took it out before I could take my next turn. I sensed that this match could have been ours to win. I was beginning to boil on the inside.

    I had traveled to this event. I had both money and time invested. I paid for the previous day's doubles event. My partner was supposed to have paid for this doubles event and we'd be even. But since I thought he was running late, I paid for this event too because I thought he would show up and pay me back. WRONG!

    Rather than blow a gasket and say or do something I'd regret, I said to myself, F*** THIS! and I got my mind back on the game.

    In the 2nd leg, I open with 180. They throw 6 darts. I answer with 140 (clicked the wire the last dart S20). They throw 6 darts. Again, I click the wrong side of the wires for a 76. They throw 6 darts. I get one turn at the 105 out and couldn't hit a triple to set myself up. They throw 6 more darts and win the leg. I laugh and they (nervously) laugh, and they tell me how lucky they were that I didn't have a partner. Grrrrr :evil:

    Rant over.

    Now back to the topic....Even though I've suffered on the wrong end of that kind of situation, I'd vote for 'dummy score' as that is too bad if the opponent's partner doesn't show up. :)
  9. Punkin

    Punkin New Member

    I agree with this for either league or tournaments. Onus is on you/your team.
  10. supabull

    supabull New Member

    Thanks for setting me straight on that, habanerojooz!

    So I'm getting the sense that I'm being too forgiving of the shorthanded team, putting my team at a disadvantage. Good to know since my teammates may not agree with me, but go along with it not wanting to come across as heavy-handed. Rules is rules!

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