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    Yea finally finished staining three decks and my shop. Took me about a month can only work so long (back) but also had to jockey things between rain and wind . I feel a new set of darts coming on already have a prototype but it's only going to be a short relaxation time so I 'll have a day maybe two before the honeydo's start haunting me again. It's great owning your own home until the maintenance kicks in.
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    Chinese proverb says something like “when a man finishes his home he dies” so don’t ever finish it all! In my case I wish it was only ONE house! Good job Kenny! Haven’t forgotten about you on our other experiment!
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    Congrats! I have a similar problem with the cabin and property and a body that no longer agrees to let me work on it as much as I want. In fact, at the moment I'm no able to do any work without serious agravation to the tendonitis in my right (throwing) arm. So it's computer time or relax I bought a new F350 Lariat FX4 CC PS Dually to haul our camper around :D
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