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Discussion in 'General League stuff' started by Biggy, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Biggy

    Biggy New Member

    we had a league meeting tonite and the topic of dress code came up. there were mixed emotions on the subject. we started with the shoe subject, closed toed shoes for safety. it quickly became a heated discussion, some saying its not fair to make someone wear a certain kind of shoe and some saying it is for safety. we ended up tabling the discussion for a future conversation. we didnt even get into collared shirts or slacks and dresses.

    what are your thoughts and your league reasons for having a dress code if you have one?
  2. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    This discussion really comes up after a long chat about two folks that moved to the surrounding area from out of country. They are very professional and reminded me of years past when dart players (where I was anyway) tended to dress better at tournaments.

    One of them mentioned that their old league had a 'shoe rule' which was enacted for safety (and in our sue happy world that aint a bad idea) but had the effect of getting people to dress a little better.

    You see, there is casual dress and then there is something else. For example, if all players wore shoes -- even open toed ones -- it might be an improvement. Or perhaps, no tank tops (especially on men that need bras) and ratty shirts at tournaments.

    You see, darts used to be a sport in which people looked and dressed somewhat more professional that what is seen today.

    League darts were pretty casual because it's a working mans/womens game and thus after work you just want to eat and play darts and to hell with the clothes. But tournaments were a chance to dress up a little and show a better image.

    Anyway, I think a shoe rule is a good idea, with a clause that states that anyone not adhereing to the rule excepts the risk of injury and will not hold the league responsible.

  3. Biggy

    Biggy New Member

    i agree with you O&G. i think we should do a blanket statement that says use your best judgement in dress and this is what we recommend but if you dont, it is at your own risk. then you put a clause that injuries that occurred during our funtion are not the responsibility of our league.
  4. wsuxjer

    wsuxjer New Member

    I voted no. I believe ours is pretty much optional if they have one. Except at the state dart tournament though. You are "supposed" to wear your team shirt during the tournament. It's not required, however or at least I have never heard of any getting DQ'd for it. The bar I shoot out of will give you a jacket if you take 1st place and are wearing your team t-shirt. ;)
  5. bluedodge

    bluedodge New Member

    I think a shoe policy is a good idea only because of the safety issue. Along those same lines I think personal radios and MP3 players shold not be allowed also for the mere fact I think it's very rude to your opponent if your not paying attention to what's going on and listening to music I seen a good example of that at darts tonight in our play-off matchwith two players.
  6. Biggy

    Biggy New Member

    hey tom, i listen to my mp3 player also, but i have it at a volume that i can hear if someone is talking to me. the only times i usually wear the thing is when i need to concentrate and i cant keep my head in the game. also when i dont know my opponent or dont care to know i put the thing on, but apperently you have never seen it on me so i must like you or i have no problem concentrating around you.
  7. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Some pro's do that, listen to music that is, but it never bothers me. I figure they are just trying to concentrate and that's ok, becuase it allows me too also. i think it's ok during the games as long as they can hear and pay attention. I've never seen anyone ignore their opponent with them on though.

  8. Biggy

    Biggy New Member

    tom there are exceptions to every rule. some people do things the right way and some do the same thing in the total wrong way. i got the mp3 player from wade wilcox, and he is one of the most professional players i have ever had the privilege of shooting against and he is consistantly in the top 100 in ado standings.
  9. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    While playing in Calgary I was somewhat embarrassed to be so poorly prepared. I'll talk about this in my article, but neither Darci nor I would have been allowed to play in the finals if we advanced that far! Why? We did not meet the dress code!

    Slacks, collared shirts (with sleeves) and appropriate shoes are all required if you make it to the finals.

    Everyone there (with perhaps 1 or 2 exceptions) was dressed to kill! They all looked like pro's with their dart shirts, slacks and loafers.

    Next time Darci and I will have the right dress on...and YES, we WILL go again! Stand by for my article.

  10. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    If you ever travel to shoot darts in Canada at an NDFC sanctioned tournament, bear the following rules in mind! (and go out and buy some slacks)....

    NDFC Rules on line at

    16.20.01 Players shall wear dress pants or skirts AND COLLARED
    SHIRTS while playing in sanctioned events. This rule is
    mandatory in National Championship or Tournament events, in
    all stage games, or at any time that TV cameras are, or may be
    16.20.02 Headgear shall not be worn without prior permission of the
    Organizers. Such permission shall be given to players whose
    religious or moral duties require that the head be covered.
    16.20.03 Players are permitted to wear sweatbands or their wrist, but not
    head bands.
    16.20.04 All players or teams representing their Province or Territory at
    NDFC events shall wear their Provincially or Territorially
    approved playing attire.
  11. PMA

    PMA New Member

    You know the dress code thing at our level should be up to each player. Medalist (Soft Tip) does have a dress code for the State Tournaments and for the World Tournaments. At the State Tournament no sleeveless shirts, men or women, no shirt with inappropriate overtones, which is really not enforced that much. In Vegas this year they made the team wear the same shirts and a lot of people were not prepared. During league, anything goes.

    With that said, a while ago I read a tread between Biggy and Erik titled Sponsors. It went sort of like this, How would an up and coming darter get a sponsor. The response was something like, why would a sponsor want you representing them? Erik gave one tip about clothes along the lines of dress appropriately, not T-shirt and jeans, and then it continued with be positive and so on. Well we know were I stand on being positive (PMA), but I will have to say Erik you hit it right on head. The first thing anybody (sponsor) is going to see is your appearance and first appearances, be it right or wrong, mean everything (to a sponsor). I think at big events there should be a dress code and with you steel tippers maybe the shoes would be a good idea.

    I started to wear Retro style shirts, basically bowling shirts, about a year ago and I will never go back. If I was a bar owner (sponsor in soft tip), I would provide button up collard shirts and insist that my teams wear them. It might not be too popular of a stance but I would see how it goes for a while at least. Just my two cents….
  12. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Great post PMA. I think at league level it has to be more casual then at tournament play, but at the same time I think there are limits.

    However something I told one of our league members recently, and a friend, is that darts is a working man's (and woman's) game. Therefore, we have to recognise that people may need to come to darts straight from work. If they work in construction then we have to accept that they will be dirty and dressed for work. No problem I say.

    However, it is best to encourage people to dress the part a bit...I think this is done by setting the example. I always try to wear a collared shirt (perhaps once in several weeks I may wear one of my pocketed T-Shirts from a tournament but it still looks good) and I play in jeans and loafers. At tournaments I have also played that way but I think it's time for me to step up a bit too. No more jeans at tournaments perhaps.

    Besides, when I wear dockers and a nice shirt etc, when playing I play better! It's sort of a 'feel better/play better' syndrome I guess.

  13. PMA

    PMA New Member

    You are correct Erik. When it comes to leagues, I think the dress code should be casual. If the bar will let you in wearing what you are wearing, then it should be good enough. Dress code in leagues would be very difficult to enforce. Don't get me wrong, I do wear jeans and shorts in the summer, but if I am going to a tournament, even if they are shorts, they are nice shorts with a retro shirt. I do though, miss the pockets. Most of the nice Retro style or bowling shirts do not have pockets. If they want to start enforcing a dress code in tournaments, that is alright with me also. Either way I know how I am going to dress.

    You know Erik that feel better/play better syndrome... simpatico. PMA!!! I just need to learn to keep myself positive about myself. I never have problems with my teammates or opponents, it is always myself. Why is that???
  14. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    I think some people expect too much from themselves, that's all.

    I know people that are learning to play darts and expect way too much from themselves! They can often be very negative with their darts (even others) but don't realize that the negativity is part of what hurts their improvement and that being positive is just that, being positive. For example: a good game is a good game whether you lose or win. It has nothing to do with the outcome actually. It's about how you played, or how your opponent played. But some people say things like "No it wasn't, I lost!" when you say good game to them. That's a negative and self defeating attitude. The best do not always win -- they just win more.

    I go to tournaments and place well, then go and lose big, but sometimes I have to remind people that you cant win them all! Once I was told "Gee Erik, you need to learn how to play in the tournaments becuase you don't play well there". Really? Then how come I was in the Top 3 in Onslow County back in the late 80's and early 90's? What's with the box of trophies in the shed that I have? My win's in NC must count for something? Or how about my placings recently? How many local players can say they have more then a dozen top 4 finishes in the last two years? Or are on the ADO Top 100 list? hehe Funny though, becuase people just assume that you can't win becuase you didn't win recently, or becuase you don't have a 'big' win -- whatever that is?

    That's not how it works at all. Positive attitude means you beleive you will win -- sometime, somewhere, somehow. And with such an attitude players tend to look at all games as a step towards that win. Even if they lose time and time again. A positive attitude says "I will do better!".

    Some people don't know that positive attitude doesn't mean 'arrogance' or thinking that they should be better, thinking you are better or whatever. It just means 'be postive' and DON'T be negative.

    Anyway, it can often be tough to maintain a positive attitude if you constantly have to try to motivate others to be that way when they aren't. So perhaps when you are with a team you exhuast your energy supporting them and then beat yourself up becuase you know you could have done better. At least I know I do that sometimes!

    I also think better players tend to do that when they are 'off' their game becuase they know often why they are off. Me personally? I am off lately becuase I was not practicing, but I know better and am back at it again. Just a matter of kicking myself in the rear and being positive! haha

    What a rant! Sorry!
  15. PMA

    PMA New Member

    Erik, you are correct. Last week in Medalist Summer League playoffs our team lost. I am the power on that team as a 12. I shoot with two girls, one rated a 3 and the other rated a 4. We were one under the cap. We lost in the final game in a race to 8. I shot a 15 in 01 and a 13 in Cricket. My team mates shot a 4 across the board as a 3 and the 4 shot a 4 in Cricket and a 5 in 01. I would say that was a pretty damn good match, even though we lost.

    I found myself later on that evening and the next day beating myself up because I was the power and maybe I should have taken a different approach with my strategy. Hey, in the past I would have not been happy that night and it would have shown, big time. I am learning... I am getting mellow or maybe it could just be old age. :wink:
  16. Biggy

    Biggy New Member

    i dont like playing team league because i am always the power, and i dont like the pressure. i mean i like that fact that i have people looking up to me but they do that in the singles league also. when i play in the singles league, if i win it is my win, and when i lose it is my loss. i usually always have a PMA.
  17. 180wannabe

    180wannabe New Member

    Well, as an outsider from the sticks (south africa) I can put my 2 cents in about the dress code only relating to my league.

    They specify slacks (not jeans) and closed shoes. The shirt worn is decided by the players but the GUIDELINE is to have team recognition (i.e. all white shirts or a team shirt etc).

    My team (Slammers) wear black slacks with matching branded tshirts. I feel it gives a nice sense of unity. We are usually called the leprecauns as 3 out of the four of us are short and the the shirts are a St. paddys green! :p

    An interesting argument occurred towards the end of last month when our opponents on the tuesday league night could not make the game and so we agreed to play on the Sunday at our local pub.

    Now we have a team practise every sunday which is very informal and we wear short pants and tshirts and flip flops (it is HOT here in south africa). So we arrived at the pub in our usual "sunday gear".

    The other team arrived in full team attire and kicked up a fuss that we didnt do the same. They were ready to walk away with the points (as is their right) without playing. But luckily we were able to remind them that we were accomadating them by rescheduling the game and we could easily have called a no show and taken their points the tuesday before.

    They grudgingly conceded the point and we ended up having the game as scheduled. FYI we won 7 points to 2.

    Peace out.
  18. Biggy

    Biggy New Member

    that is perfect. i cant believe the nerve of them saying that tho. im glad you beat them.
  19. Boddington_Paul

    Boddington_Paul New Member

    I know it has been 2 months since the last post. But I am very interested in this subject! I did not really know that there was supposed to be a dress code for this! Funny thing i would wear my bar shirt for the the tournaments and what ever I wore at work for the league plays
    My girlfriend would wear her open toe BIRKENSTOKS(is that right?) for her first tournament and nobody said anything.
    My league (Now Defunct) had no dress code but for the thing of making it fun I wanted to have a bar shirt just for the guys to use during league or tournament play if they would ever do that.
    That is a very interesting topic. I wonder how many people in NYC or NYS or NJ for all the matter knows about this
  20. Barry_French

    Barry_French New Member

    A huge bump (not my fault, only been here a week or so :D)

    I think that leagues should ENCOURAGE good dress sense, but not penalise. I personally wear a darts shirt slacks and shoes to any league game as I like to feel better about myself. I'm also getting into the habit of dressing this way as I will be entering some big opens this year and entering superleague darts where uniform dress is required (BDO rules)

    I think those that are more serious about their game tend to dress appropriately, but some people play for fun and its cool if they want to wear a normal shirt or whatever, as you wont see them at the £4000 prize money tournaments

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