Dee's Friday Night Blind Draw

Discussion in 'PORTLAND AREA Dart Association (PADA)' started by ChristinaO, May 11, 2009.

  1. ChristinaO

    ChristinaO New Member

    Posted on behalf of a regular attendee of the event.

    Dee's shoot at the A&L (60th and NE Glisan) in Portland every Friday night has been really fun and well-attended since she made changes a couple of months ago.

    We've been getting an excellent turn out of regulars and complete strangers who have a mix of skills from expert to enthusiastic. Last week we had 11 teams and the week before that, 9. Plus, we've been visited by some really skilled out-of-towners lately who have often finished in the money.

    Because the A&L (60th and NE Glisan) chips in money according to headcount the payouts to winning teams have been pretty nice. Instead of the typical additional $2 per person, this week, May 15th, Angelo will be adding $5 per person to the payout.

    It costs $7.00 per head to play and the format is a blind draw. Plan on starting at 8:00 sharp so you need to sign up by 7:50 p.m. The beer is well-priced and the service is excellent. If you attend we promise to do our best to make you feel at home and provide you with a fun night of darts.
  2. SOUPR

    SOUPR New Member

    It is a nice place for Friday Night shoots.
  3. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    These have been a lot of fun the past few months that I've made it. Would love to see even more people out there regularly!! =)
  4. SWA2873

    SWA2873 New Member

    I second Isaac's post here. I was absent for about three months and recently started going back again. I plan on doing so regularly but more players are always needed.
  5. NickBeam

    NickBeam New Member

    I have to agree with Isaac and SWA as well. I recently moved back to Portland and started going to the Friday night blind draw about 6 weeks ago. I have had a blast everytime.

    It will be great to see all of you there again and I too hope that the turnout keeps getting bigger and bigger.

    Thanks Dee!
  6. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    For blind draw fans, there will also be a blind draw at the A&L tonight following the PADA awards. Hope to see people there!
  7. SOUPR

    SOUPR New Member

    I was hoping that we would have more play after awards night.
    I guess I am one of the few true Dart Whores. Pretty much play anytime anyplace. Luck has it that my women enjoys palying as well. :lol:
  8. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    Should be another good night at the A&L as the friday before Thomas' Saturday events seem to draw a decent turnout.

    Looking forward to it and hopefully see you guys there!
  9. SOUPR

    SOUPR New Member

    Christina and myself will be having a little get together before the Friday night shoot. We are going to go over the implementing of a Singles Summer League. We will be meeting about 6:00pm.
    If any one wants to show ,have any ideas, whatever you are welcome.
    We are trying to have something to present at tomorrows singles shoot.
  10. Thomas

    Thomas New Member

    I attended again the 1st time after a couple of month and I have to say that it was really nice. I met and played some people I didn't play before. 10 Doubles was as well pretty good. Most likely I will show up more often again.
  11. SOUPR

    SOUPR New Member

    Geez, we had 34 show up for the draw tournament last night after the leasgue sign ups.

    Tonight we only had 8 show up!!!!!!!!On a Fridayonly 8 :cry:

    Boy this is sad.
  12. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    Well, don't you think more people will be around and interested in darts on, I don't know... Dart Night? Everyone is in the mood and has the time when it is their regular night.

    That being said, I have been MIA from these forever - largely because I am broke, but also due to time and energy constraints. I really want to try to go tomorrow... any people wanna join me? Make it a big, mid-season showing at the draw? :D

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