Dartslive website and new app flaw! They do not show all Dartslive venues!

Discussion in 'General Dart Talk' started by ducks, Jun 15, 2019.

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    The Dartslive website and the new Dartslive app (black background and D3 icon) which I upgraded to last month do not show all the Dartslive shops in my region (Taipei, Taiwan). I guess this post directly relates to my post regarding the number of Dartslive venues in decline. While it is true the number of shops is in decline, the new app and the website do not show all the shops still in existence.

    I only discovered the problem this afternoon. I decided to visit a pool hall which was no longer listed on the new phone app as having Dartslive machines. I walked up to the door and their Dartslive flag was still standing outside. I walked in and discovered that this place still had machines. A friend of mine was there and I told him that my app didn't show this pool hall. He said he knew about the problem with the app. He turned on his phone and opened the old app. The old app showed this venue, and 3 more venues in my area! These 4 shops do not show up on my app. He then opened the new app on his phone and he got the same results as I did. We checked the Taipei city listings. Yup, my new app and his do not show some city venues, while his old app does.

    Unfortunately, I have already deleted the old app on my phone, and I cannot download and load the old app. It fails to run.

    I have just gone to the Dartslive website on my PC and discovered that the official website also does not list all the venues that the old app still shows.

    I'm going out tonight, and will mention this problem to people I know at G-Club, which is the site for the PDC Asian tour, and the Dartslive pro and development tours in Taipei.

    Could there be a reasonable explanation for the disparity in listings between the old app, and the new app and the official website?
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    I figured out what is happening. Map view in the new app, and the website access do not show all locations, while List view gives you all current Dartslive locations. The old app does not have this problem. It will show you the same shops in both Map view and List view.

    I have emailed Dartslive, and they didn't tell me this. They said the problem must be with my settings. I have sent them another note detailing the discrepancies. These discrepancies happen with my work computer, home computer, my Samsung phone, and a friend's phone. Clearly, Map view has a problem. This is unfortunate, because Map view is much more convenient to use. You don't have to scroll down page after page of listings and read addresses. It's not such a big issue in a region without a lot of shops, but with the high density of shops found here in Taipei and New Taipei City (county) +100 shops, it is a royal pain in the butt to scroll down the two lists every week or so to check for openings or closures.
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    Got an email back from dartslive. They said they will look at the map problem.
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    This problem with the Dartslive map view versus list view infuriates me. I don't care who it it is, soft or steel. I don't care if it is Dartslive or Phoenix Darts. The bottom line is that the software problem screws over people who want to find a place to Play DARTS. Darts, darts, darts. If there is a software problem, then it makes it difficult for people to find places to play. The software problem screws over venues that take the jump and invest in darts machines. With the guys I talked with in Taipei, it was very clear that map view sucked for Dartslive. In fact, another problem which I found, and others that I talked to mentioned, was that the location icon in Dartslive map view might be up to a kilometer distant from real location on the map. WTF!!!! I found a new listing on Map view two months ago. The icon showed the shop in a flood plain more than a kilometer west front the actual location. A darts nerd like myself will talk to people, and compare list versus map view. How many newbies will be so nerdy and double check list versus map view? But come on! If the powers that be at Dartslive headquarters cannot get as worked up as I am, then... Why the hell are they in the darts business! End of rant.
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    Someone has reported this is a problem in China, too. Also, he said that it appears that venue locations in the United States have not been updated. In years.

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