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  1. John_Part

    John_Part Member

    Here's a place to ask for or supply information about terminology and abbreviations in the game of darts.

    PPD is points per dart average. The average score for one dart. Often tripled and reported as a 3 dart average. These averages include all darts thrown in a leg of any 01 game divided into total points scored.
  2. zeeple

    zeeple Member

    "Stinky One"

    A Stinky One is a score of 62, achieved in this order: single one, single one, triple 20. It is stinky because you pulled the round out of your a**.
  3. 5uperman

    5uperman New Member

    I love Sid's "lipstick" The red bit known as the triple 20
  4. Lubenator

    Lubenator New Member

    Thank you John! What about the one we started with:

    About 105-110 in RTW

    32-35 in CCU

    BH RTW I am about 42-44 on avg.

    I could not find anything about that yet
  5. fizzie

    fizzie New Member

    Luben, those are scores for the practice games. See the thread above this one in this forum entitled "Announcement: SEWA Practice Game Rules"

    Round the World is 3 darts at every segment board
    Cricket Count Up is 3 darts at every cricket segment
    BH RTW is a Round the World game on doubles (see the above mentioned thread for further explanation as it can be kind of confusing)

    Hope that helps :)
  6. Lubenator

    Lubenator New Member

    Hey E,Did someone ever told you that - "You are a treasure"?
    U R :D
    I did look stupid?...Did I ever :evil:
  7. CraigB

    CraigB Best looking Craig B in the forum! $:-{P> Staff Member Site Admin

    "Breakfast" - A score of 26
    "Madhouse" - Getting stuck on D1
    "Tops" - D20
    "Ducks" - A score of 22
    "MPT" or "MPR" - Marks Per Turn or Marks Per Round

    (Remember, one way to tell others of your match results against General Part is to say he took second-to-last. :p )
  8. Monty

    Monty Member

    Isn't it "Bed and Breakfast" ?? I believe it came from a room for the night and breakfast in the morning costing 26 pence. At least that's what I've read...
  9. Art

    Art Member

    People around here call 26 a "dummy score" or "bread and butter"
  10. fizzie

    fizzie New Member

    No, Luben, never stupid. Just a little blind ;)

    We call 26 "chips" and I've also heard it called Navy. I'm not sure where either one comes from.
  11. juggernaut

    juggernaut New Member

    No 26 Is bed and breakfast
  12. juggernaut

    juggernaut New Member

    It comes from 2 shillings and six pence in the old days in England you could get a room and breakfast for Half a Crown which was 2 shillings and six pence.
  13. juggernaut

    juggernaut New Member

    Since we are on terminology who knows what feathers means? the first correct answer wins nothing
  14. Rags

    Rags New Member

    "Popcorn" - When you follow a dart into the board so close it pops your flight off into the air.

    We call 26 "Chips" around here too.

    I thought "Feathers" meant flights.
  15. TheGoat

    TheGoat New Member

    Perhaps a mod could consolidate these into a post near the beginning if you have time. Would make it a lot easier to find I think.
  16. juggernaut

    juggernaut New Member

    both answers are wrong
  17. OnAndGone

    OnAndGone New Member Staff Member

    Feathers is the number 33
  18. juggernaut

    juggernaut New Member

    That's right but do you know where it comes from?
  19. CraigB

    CraigB Best looking Craig B in the forum! $:-{P> Staff Member Site Admin

    Originally it was "Bed and Breakfast", but I haven't heard it called anything but just "breakfast" for over 20 years.

    Maybe with rising costs the "bed" part was thrown out? :p
  20. dartnut

    dartnut New Member

    A score of 26 in my home town is a "Tom Berry" cause when he started playing thats all he hit. He later went on to become an area rep.

    A bounce out is called "1 for the good guys"

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