Darn Coffee Pot!

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    Made a short trip to the cabin yesterday to buy one of my guys a retirement dinner (it's 2 1/2hrs from home to his pick for dinner and where he works but only an hour to the cabin) which is always a great excuse to check on the cabin and see that all is well etc and of course to have an evening, even if short, in it.

    However, this morning the Coleman Drip coffee pot we have, which is a camping type pot, is starting to really tick me off LOL It's a camping style pot which works for us since our cabin is off-grid and we don't have a lot of power (12 golf cart batteries but run an electric fridge -- no freezer which uses about 3o+ amps overnight) so I try to limit that kind of power use. Anyway, this one works off the propane stove just fine and we had one for a dozen years or so before but then I guess they went cheap and the newest ones have an aggravating feature that will piss you off in the AM if you are tired and not paying attention!

    Basically the 'stop and serve' feature is a cheap lever that if you don't pay attention will miss the filter cup and get stuck closed and the coffee won't drip into the carafe. You will hear the coffee brewing -- and be thinking Mmmmm Mmmm COFFEE -- and then something won't sound right and soon coffee will be pouring onto the stove out of the filter...and you will burn yourself trying to reset everything.

    I'm laughing a little but still, COME ON! It's coffee and I do not prefer to waste that first cup this way
    *Chuckle* Just had to share
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    You need a bike generator. Get your exercise AND create electricity. :D
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