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Discussion in 'Dart Humor' started by vintageray, Aug 16, 2009.

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    I wasn't sure where to post this topic. It's a serious subject that could get humorous (sort of). I've heard the opinion that bars are concerned about the danger of steel tip darts. I suppose they are more dangerous than soft tip. But is this thinking justified? Personally, I've never seen anyone seriously injured by a dart. I've warned my dog not to lay down on the rug under my dartboard when I'm practicing and won't throw until he moves. I've had to do some fancy footwork on occasion when practicing barefoot and dropped a dart. I heard about a drunk that turned his dart around and poked himself in the eye with it on his backstroke. Saw two guys settle a dispute with a duel, steel tipped darts at ten paces...turn and fire. Neither of them stood still and no-one was hit.
    I did see a fight ignite when a guy reached to retrieve his darts and someone threw a dart close to his hand to startle him. I guess he thought he was being funny, but it didn't turn out that way. Oh, and there was the time a guy for some reason was digging around in his ear with a soft tip dart and someone bumped his arm.
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    my wife had a dart stuck un her feet once after dropping it,,she didnt like it very much :lol: she was playing barefoot :?
    my dogs also had a few hit but with their thick coating they didnt feel anything :wink:
  3. Taechon

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    We go through this about every 6 months or so. Check the records and you will be hard pressed to find any dart related injuries amongst hospital admissions. The injuries that do occur are non-game related. The two guys duelin and the guy scratching his ear are prime examples.

    Insurance rates do not go up because a bar has steel tip darts. This is a myth. Check the archives, we have done the research and even had comments from someone working for Farmer's Insurance Co.

    With that said, in 20 years of play I have seen one injurie serious enough to get someone to go to the hospital and a lot of silly stuff.

    The one injury that ended up in the hospital was self inflicted as one half drunk idiot smammed his fist into the wall and hit a support beam. You know of course these morons who slam their fists into wall are well aware of where the support beams are before they ever hit the walls. It's all a big tough guy routine designed to make them look cool in their own mind. I could teach a 10 year old girl to punch a hole in the average wall in about an hour. There just isn't much there and it sure isn't impressive. Anyway, this guy broke two knuckels.

    I say another guy try to kick a dart and it went through the tip of his shoe and into his toe. I don't think this guy went to the hospital though.

    I say another guy impaled in the chest. The story is in the archives. And again, there was no reason for this guy to go to the hospital.

    I have seen chalkers hit in the legs and feet. I have never seen blood drawn or a dart stick in a chalker.

    Now. If you want a bar sport with injuries, and one that should cause the insurance rates of a bar to go up, look into the game of pool.
  4. Black_Mamba

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    I have not seen anyone seriously injured with a steel tip dart but I have seen blood from people being hit by accident. Also one when I hit someone on purpose but not on a league night.
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    OK, so no one will admit it I will.
    A few years ago I friend of mine was starting crap while a buch of us were playing........................SOOOOO I threw a dart and it stuck in his thigh. Stuck him real good, everyone laughed because he dared me to do it. Stupid thing to do. Cause I did it :lol:
    There it is I said it, I did it.
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    here is what I heard about insurance and bars, this was back in 1993 when I was in hawiai (that spelled right?) I tried every pub on the island so I could practice and there was only softip not one steel board anywhere. More than one bar owner told me the reason was insurance. And when questioned further, it had to do with some U.S. servicemen from Pearl harbour, and some native hawians used the darts as weapons in 1 or more brawls.
    It was a long time ago and now maybe some one here has more on this subject, but at the time I saw no reason to disbelieve the owners/ managers, but again in all my travels this is the only place I ever saw this
  7. Thorn

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    Hmmm, sounds plausible for Hawaii, maybe that's where some of the truth to the rumor started. Although, I'm pretty sure SEWAnauts have researched and established that there isn't any insurance law about it--just common sense or paranoia on the part of bar owners, although there are conspiracy theorists that think the soft-tip industry's marketeering has something to do with the misconception as well. But banning darts because of fights?! That has to be blamed on the humans, not the darts...

    Well, I must say, that despite years of bounce-outs and tomfoolery with darts, I haven't seen more than a very rare pin prick. However! Just the other day a friend of mine stuck one perfectly in the toe of his sneakers...and I do worry about the dog or cat and their incessant lingering below the board...what's with that?! :lol: The dog only has one eye to begin with!...lol
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    Watch 21 and over (a movie sort of like animal house) is newer. Anyhow the kid at the beginning of the movie throws a day and puts it through some guys cheek. Hilarious. more so cause the guy getting hit is a total tool

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