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  1. Erik

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    What, you thought I wasn't throwing at all? LOL I still pick the arrows up now and again and toss a few and it is World Championship season after all.

    Funny thing, these were my son's old darts that I leave in the office for the guys at work to play with.

    Happy Shooting
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  2. VanO

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    Nice group! I have to get some of those SEWA flights from ya so my pics can be promotional as well!
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  3. Erik

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    I know a guy ;)
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  4. VanO

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    76B33FB9-1A54-4309-83AA-D61B1E4FE0DF.jpeg Things have been a bit quiet around here and I am no different. Busy life issues for me and I’m sure for other and for some it may be that they’re busy playing darts instead of posting on our forum. Anyway I thought I’d post a pic of a few I’ve thrown over the last week or so. It’s about time for me to tepeat a serious assessment against the SEWA practice games. It’s been a good while and around a year since I did them the first time. Lately my practice has been short and sweet sessions of real game oriented exercises. Many of which came from the Darts Performance Centre. For me(and others) that don’t have a practice partner or somewhere to really play I find it important. For instance, place a good marker dart on the T20 and then shoot the other 2 trying to chase it. Or if you hit let’s say 81 ina turn remove the S20 and S1 and toss them again at the T20. Learning to use a dart(s) that are already in the board can be crucial in a game. Anyway, happy darting
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  5. Erik

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    Long ago I used to do that very thing...just always felt it was a good way to practice.
  6. CraigB

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    I still have ZERO time for practice (or just about anything else), but I got roped into playing a Dart Connect singles league 'cause they needed "one more." The long format is really helping my stroke (five sets of best of five legs - so between 15 and 25 legs every night). That said, MAN does the technology need to be polished! I've let everyone else do the setting up (plus I HATE playing on a tablet - just give me chalk and a chalkboard please). Every week SOMETHING hasn't worked which breaks up the throwing rhythm. My outwork simply sucks. I've filled up the entire screen with so many X's and O's (busts and misses) that you'd think I was playing cricket! I've also been screwed out of a few legs and sets by the tech. failures (with drunk people "playing" games to get things back - i.e., just entering scores to get things where they think they should be - I'm playing sober so I know exactly where we are but I must admit that I really don't care enough so I don't say anything).

    All of that said, my stroke is improving and, once I get some free time, I intend to go back to the SEWA practice games and see if they help. I've only played a few 100 @ 20's and my scores are about half of what they should be...
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  7. VanO

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    Hah! Technology! Really sorry to hear about that though. The practice games are great I think but sometimes I find myself thinking, “Why am I shooting 3 darts at double 3?” They really are an especially great assessment of skills since they “quiz” you on virtually all aspects. I like count-up and catch 40 best I think. From my background in golf I learned that there is more to practice than just hitting balls. As for the 100@ I’ve started using other numbers. In a game if we’re not finding the 20 we’d choose a cover triple so why not in practice.
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