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    OK, this is in the 'non-dart' section so relax ;)

    CANON! WOW! I have to tell you this short story.

    My wife was given a Canon SX50 HS about 6 or 7 years ago by the kids for Christmas. 3 years ago her sister accidentally dropped it and broke the built in flash but fearing it could not be repaired she just kept using it. Then, out of desperation we looked up Canon support and found we could send in the camera for $79 plus shipping. Bear in mind this is about a $500 camera (at the time of purchase).

    Soon we were told they were shipping a camera back to us...a new one! A brand new SX60 HS was on it's way.

    Yes folks, for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one Canon sent us a new camera to replace the broken one for the paltry sum of $79 pus shipping (I think the bill to them was $96) and of course we had to pay to ship the broken one to them ($25) for that total of $121 we received a brand new SX60 HS

    Simply WOW! Thanks Canon!
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    Some years ago I helped a dentist friend here get a pair of Zeiss binoculars from Germany. A few years later he had a similar thing. Dropped them from his 4 wheeler or something. Got dust between lenses. Their support asked him to mail them back to Germany. They didn’t replace with new but didn’t charge for repair, a complete tear down and rebuild.
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