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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by KopRalph11, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. KopRalph11

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    So I have a couple of questions regarding uneven floors and board mounting.
    You can measure the board height on any wall but getting that 9ft 7 3/8 is very tough on uneven floors. Have people had this issue or do they just ignore the diagonal. Not a good idea imo as you could be a couple inches high at the oche.
  2. VanO

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    I think a lot should have and I think many of us have played in places that had this kind of situation. I’ve played in a few many years ago in CT that had other issues as well. Could not shoot for double tops in a pub in New London cause the ceiling was so low I was afraid I’d skip it off the ceiling. My opinion would be get as close as possible to the required set up.
  3. KopRalph11

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    We have decided the simplest solution is to ignore all traditional measurements. What we are going to do is from the oche,use a tripod with a laser at 5ft 8 in and Tada if we point it at the backboard we will have the exact height to mount the board.
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  4. Erik

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    I used to always use a chain but can't remember an uneven install
  5. Squiggle

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    The laser idea is great! We have a few spots around town that have a slanted floor or other issues, and I hate playing at some of those locations. Heck one spot is a very popular dart bar, but the floors are slanted, it's extremely smokey, and the room is narrow and the bathroom is in the back so bar patrons walk through to the bathroom and often will walk right through the flight path! I hate playing there, but for the most part I'm satisfied with the board height and throwline distance at that location (I hate it because of everything else!) You don't want it to become overkill. For a home setup or a big tournament, I feel like every effort should be made to make it as close to proper regulation as possible. At a bar for just league or casual play.... eh, as long as the height and distance is correct according to tape or chain, then most people will accept it.
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  6. VanO

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    I like it too. When I re-hung mine I used a laser measure to do so. Can shoot the diagonal as well. Squiggle, one of the places I played in CT had a big ceiling mounted forced air heater in the back corner where we played as well as bathrooms. Made it interesting since we don’t normally have to adjust for windage.
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  7. Erik

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    Then drop a plumbbob to the floor and as long as the plumbob string is at bull center height and 7'9 1/4" from the bull you are good ;)
  8. CraigB

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    We had a couple of bars with sloping floors so we set up a laser at 5' 8" straight at the wall. Regardless of the height there, that's where the center would be. Obviously you could get to the same place by having a diagonal chain from the middle of the front of the oche, but the laser is far easier.

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