BDO World Champ Mikuru Suzuki at PDC Asian Tour Taipei!

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    Cool, cool news. BDO Women's World Champion, Mikuru Suzuki is at the PDC Asian Tour Taipei this weekend. She came into the venue tonight to check it out. Yeah, she throws mean darts on the practice board. She will literally go up against the big boys this weekend. Several of the players this weekend have played in the PDC world championships and have also been on PDC World Cup teams, but she is the only steel tip world champ here! I will be stopping in this weekend and hope to see her shooting.

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    MR: c322(Dartconnect match stats)
    She had one of the highest averages for the round of 64, but she had too many slack games. Haha, slack games. Coming from me. Seriously, though. This is a tough competition. Her opponent did well to come away with a victory. She was up 4-2, with winning legs of 12, 14, 14, and 16! She lost 5 - 4! Just missed getting into the last 32.
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