Back in the County Youth team!

Discussion in 'Youth Darters Forum' started by Tom, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Well after months of hard work, practise and some brilliant results I've managed to sneak into the Under 18's county side for the last remainly fixture of the season.

    Its been hard seeing some players play while I have been playing boring reserve games but now I have a great chance to win and get the monkey off my back. I've been playing awsome of late, have won 5 out of my 7 league games (local league) and beat a former London County A player. Last week I played another county player and only lost 2-1 after he hit an 8 dart leg (301 DIDO) in the last leg. I also reached the semi finals of a Youth competition after beating a brilliant experianced guy in the quarter finals.

    I really think i deserve this for the way I haven't given up hope of getting into the team, and my improved form, so lets hope I win! :)
  2. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Hit a 19 dart leg today, one of my best, in a pub match 501. Another great confidence boost!

    I will honestly never care if I win another game so long as I play well and win on sunday!
  3. UsualChaos

    UsualChaos New Member

    Great arrows Tom. Keep us upgated on your progress.
  4. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Thanks UC, I'll let everyone know when I come back on Sunday. It won't be easy though, Hampshire have won our division by a mile!
  5. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Well the big day tommorow and I couldn't be more looking forward to it!

    last two days I've been really happy outside of darts which means Im confident in myself and really excited. Outside of darts I've had a tough time of it but I was brushing my teeth yesterday looked in the mirror and said you can do this!

    All I can do is give my all, and if I play well and lose than there is nothing I can do about! Everything happens for a reason so... Que Sera, Sera!
  6. Rocky

    Rocky Moderator Site Moderator

    Very well said TOm, Glad you have the confidence to do this again, That is the main part, being MEntally focused, knowing you can do it.... Good Luck with it and shoot your best, Only you know what you can do and as long as you put your heart and mind into it you should do well.. DOnt let the pressure get to you... Play the board NOT the player..

    Please give us updates afterwards, and shoot well!
  7. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Thanks Rock, we leave in an hour! I will have deffo played my game within 8/9 hours, so very excited! :)
  8. Tom

    Tom New Member

    YAY I WON :D

    WOW, what a result today was! Not only did I win my game 2-0 :D but I was LAST ON, 9th and its the game that decided if we won the Under 18's southern division county title or not :O

    Anyway, after some nervous finishing in the final leg I won 2-0 and we won the title by a point! This also ment that if the girls won and the under 21's won 5-0 we would win the overall title.

    AMAZINGLY, we managed to do it! So not only did my game contribute to us winning the Under 18's title (in my first game all season) but it also helped secure the overall title!

    What a great day, and now I have two trophies to look forward to collecting! :)

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