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    Flight School now costs $20.00 American[/u]
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    Per year or lifetime?
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    :roll: 8O Well, since it is you asked: There may be some I'll ask per month--
    but exempt their spouse
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    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    So-What’s Flight School offer? Topics and segments designed to help you become as good as can be, or want to be. All set up to encourage matriculation and seeing yourself improve.

    There more help if you lose your stroke: Stroke 911. That one is in the FS Emergency room.

    .05 self Analysis: Self Analysis Clarification – Self Analysis Specification

    .15 Information for interested people: 1 .2 Basics of dart delivery, 1.3 Practice for effect, Practice VS Learning,

    .2 The Dart: .5 The Dart 0081, talking tools

    Mind Set: vB4 Distractions, Vb5 Psychobabble ,BV6 How good can you be?

    .31 Self Analysis: Self Analysis Clarification, Self Analysis Specification

    3.2 Focus the right way, Vb11 Learning to focus, vB12 Planning shots, vb13 Spot Shooting

    Vb15 Warm up prior to competition S15 Focus the right way

    .41 Starter Drills: A0 Introduction, A1 Accuracy in singles, A2 consistency in grouping, AB1 Getting the most out of Flight School, A3 Accuracy in doubles and triples -A3x score sheet

    .42 Flight School basics: A1 Accuracy in singles, A2 consistency in grouping, A3 accuracy in double/ triples Starter drills for perfecting your stroke.

    .5 Stroke simplified: Practice VS Learning, Improving Practice , Practice for effect; Long stroke diagram

    .6 Learning Accuracy: Vb11 Learning to focus, Vb1 2 Planning Shots, Vb13 Spot shooting, vB14 Dart Path

    .9 Prowess: VB5 Psychobabble, Vb6 how good can you be? Vb7 Enjoying solitary

    There are 13 C class mp3s which deal with what does not need to be practiced.

    There ARE10 D class mp3s which deal with rules and strategies

    There are 14 S class mp3s which help with issues which deal with issues other than dart delivery.
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    Looks like we need to update your email address on your profile ;)

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