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Discussion in 'Practice, Strategy & Technique' started by BlackHorse, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. BlackHorse

    BlackHorse Moderator Site Moderator

    I find the most intriguing and enticing part of playing darts is that a fairly decent player can do everything the very best can do, just not as often. That cannot be said for many other sports.

    String's 9 Darter saw him complete the perfect 501 game. An exceptional, extraordinary achievement, nine perfect darts 'strung' together in order.

    What are the components of that feat? For the 'standard' 9 darter, they are seven T20s, a single T19 and a final D12.

    Haven't got any confidence of being able to hit those targets in a row yourself? Need a bit of a boost? How about encouraging your game, bolstering your mental attitude, and adding hope by compiling your own 9 Darter Starter Kit?

    During your practice, or as a set exercise, keep track of how many darts it takes you to hit all the pieces of the 9 Darter.

    Don't worry about 180s. Just T20s. Don't worry about the order - hit the D12 whenever. Some of us need to crawl before we can walk before we can run before we can fly.

    Post here how many darts it takes you to collect the pieces of your own personal 9 Darter Starter Kit:
    Seven T20s
    One T19
    One D12

    Who knows - once you concentrate on knowing you can assemble all those components in some fashion, perhaps your confidence level will allow you to make the perfect game possible! At the very least, I believe your game will improve. In much of my own personal evolution, I recognize stages at which points I changed my attitude after I realized I could in fact hit certain targets, or combinations. Like so many people here write, if you don't attempt something you will never hit it.

    How many darts does it take you to collect all of the Kit?
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  2. Barry_French

    Barry_French New Member

    Awesome game blackie! I'll try it
  3. BlackHorse

    BlackHorse Moderator Site Moderator

    I still might make it a Tourney, but I figure the hot shots would walk away with it... posting here meets more of my aim of attempting to help people's mindsets and confidence.

    As I often do in my threads, I am targetting the players who only dream of nine darters, not the ones who have a decent shot at it now and again.
  4. Barry_French

    Barry_French New Member

    Well my game and confidence has been torn to shreds so I can only dream of hitting a 9 darter (thats all I could do even when half decent)
  5. Triple-B

    Triple-B New Member

    Lets see if I did this correctly

    it took me 12 darts to hit 6 triple 20's
    on the next 2 darts I hit trip 20, trip 19.then missed the dbl.12
    1st dart I hit dbl 12
    so this gives me a total of 16 darts.
    Is this what your looking for BH?
  6. BlackHorse

    BlackHorse Moderator Site Moderator

    No, Triple Bilco, I was looking for people who took about a hundred darts so I could feel good about my skill level again... sigh.

    But you did fantastically well, if you like that sort of thing, and it makes me wonder if you haven't hit a 9 darter yourself already. Have you? If you haven't, you are a serious threat to, by the look of it. 16 darts, terrific! Remember my sentence about crawling, etc? You are one of the ones poised to fly, obviously. Does this give you any increased confidence to hit the Niner? Or is it just further proof that you could grind me into the Cricket Canyons?? You should take some runs at the 9 Darter, right now! 8) 8) 8)

    If we were doing this in Divisions, you would be in the Unicorn Division.

    Now, anyone else want to try who can take a bunch more darts and be mortal with me??
  7. Skizrock

    Skizrock Moderator Staff Member Site Moderator

    Ill be mortal with you BH. Triple Bilco hit one warming up last fall. I saw it. Very cool.
  8. BlackHorse

    BlackHorse Moderator Site Moderator

    :D :D :D :D

    Thanks, Skiz. Way to go, Triple Bilco. I knew it, lol. Very, very cool.

    K, Skizzerz, you going to give it a shot? I have some time today too - this time I told my kid that I'm hip with what's going on these days. I heard about Hannah Montana, I heard how she is the daughter of a famous personality, so I figured it out on my own, I know she is the daughter of Joe Montana, I'm with it. ....... my son's over at a friend's again now.
  9. BlackHorse

    BlackHorse Moderator Site Moderator

    There are two things that definitely make shots more difficult. One is knowing people are watching or will know what you hit. Two is knowing you 'need' to hit the shot.

    Both affect my game, both are present in this practice, lol. I having been shooting enough lately to keep up decent shooting and this really revealed my sorry state.

    Hitting the T20 regularly hasn't appeared this hard before! And the D12 is one I normally avoid. All the more reason to practice then, right?!

    First attempt after a short warmup was abominable. I had 5 of the T20s after 8 rounds, and then tanked. I hit the T19 first try. I took for frickin' ever to hit the D12, I seriously wired it over and over and over. 66 embarassing darts... some 9 darter....

    Second try. 5 of the T20s after 8 rounds again. The T19 in two darts. Then wire and miss after wire after miss. Then, T20, T20, that's 7... what the hell - T20! After all that mess, I hit a 180. The D12 was another semi futile endeavour, altogether my Starter Kit took 46 darts.

    Last attempt - the pressure of knowing I was going to post these scores started to wear off. 5 T20s in 8 rounds yet again. A change to the T19 - second dart again. Back to the T20s, finished them. D12 first dart, lol. Reduced the Kit to 37.

    It is strange, but for me, this practice was much harder than shooting 100@20s or playing 01. Afterwards however, knocking the total down and getting used to it all was very encouraging. The pressure was much more of a change than I would have imagined.
  10. CannonFodder

    CannonFodder New Member

    Ok. Here's a boost BH. I tried the game once. Started off pretty well considering how my form is these days :) I hit a T20 every round the first 5 rounds. Then missed with all three darts in the 6'th round. In the 7'th round I hit the first dart, single on the second, then bounce out of T20. After that it took me forever to get another dang triple 20. The T19 and D12 happened fairly fast after hitting the 7'th T20. In the end, it took a total of 44 darts.

    I might just see if I can improve on the 44 sometime later. I just hope I hit some kind of form again soon. If I do, I'll attack the practice games as well.
  11. CraigB

    CraigB Best looking Craig B in the forum! $:-{P> Staff Member Site Admin

    1st try - 27 darts (actually took the 141 out after taking 24 darts to hit six T20's - pretty happy about that :D )
    2nd try - 31 darts

    Still not close to my best score of 10 of course! :twisted:
  12. Triple-B

    Triple-B New Member

    ok Bh I'm back at it this morning I will let you know later.This will be good practice seeing I have to play Freddie K tonight in singles league.
  13. thirstydawg

    thirstydawg New Member

    7 T20 in 8 darts
    so thats 10 darts if i'm correct :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Now add another 10 darts to it really
  14. BlackHorse

    BlackHorse Moderator Site Moderator

    You had me going there, TD!

    Even so, 20 darts is terrific. Go sit in the corner with TripleBilco. :wink:
  15. thirstydawg

    thirstydawg New Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. string

    string New Member

    Gosh BH, I'm afraid to try your 9 dart practice routine. I'm afraid it will show how much of a fluke actually hitting one can be, at least for me. Stellar effort guys. As I mentioned to you earlier, the D12 and I are not particularly good friends. That is why I always debated which way I would go if I ever actually got to my 8th dart of a 9 darter. My personal stats have always dictated to do something OTHER than D12, so either T15 after T20 or T16 after T19 was a no-brainer for me. I wonder if it is the same for others, and going a different way might yield a lower score.

    I was talking with Eddie Lawrence who has hit 3 nine darters in his life, and he also doesn't care for the D12 option on his last dart. Maybe that will change in time for me....Lord knows I have been putting in the practice time in on D12 to try and change that.
  17. VanO

    VanO Moderator Site Moderator

    I’ve been trolling some old posts and many of them are worth reviving. This is one of em I think. I took out 141 when I played a round of 121 the other day so, this will be my next practice game.
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  18. VanO

    VanO Moderator Site Moderator

    As mentioned earlier, I tried this as part of a short set(20 minutes or so). 5 turns to warm up and then game on. 27 darts for the 7 T20, 24 at T19 and 1 at D12. 52?! Obvious that I need to shoot some at the 19 occasionally.
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  19. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Glad you are finding these :) There are many!
  20. VanO

    VanO Moderator Site Moderator

    Yeah. I’m having fun with it. Are BlackHorse and John Part still on the forum. I’d like to pick their brain a bit about the 2 dimension thing and setup positions.

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