601 Split

Discussion in 'MINUTE MAN Dart League (MMDL)' started by SeacoastSlinger, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Drtr

    Drtr New Member

    I personaly love them split, it makes that 601 a very imprtant point of the night instead of just another warm up game. everyone seems to take 601 as just a warm up. It also allow a shooter who is just playing cricket and 601 to play later in the evening and not be all done at 9 o'clock
  2. steve

    steve New Member

    WOW I hate them split just for those reasons :p
  3. Drtr

    Drtr New Member

    Well Steve, next season we go back to the original format and it looks like the majority of the people want it that way. I just thought it was a nice change to a format that has been the same old thing for years. I think it would be great if the Board tried something else for a while, like 501 instead if 301 or 2 out of 3 cricket for the higher divisions

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