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Discussion in 'MINUTE MAN Dart League (MMDL)' started by SeacoastSlinger, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Bucky

    Bucky New Member

    Here's an idea... What about playing half the first and second 601's and then at the end of the night finish them. 8O I like them in the 1 and 2 spot myself.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Eliminate the 601's altogether. Start right off with crickets. Play 3 two man crickets, add a 301 for 7 singles (best 2 of 3). Then add a 7 man 1001 to end the night. :lol: Talk about your ultimate TEAM game to end the evening. The whole team has to stay to play the final game. 14 shooters determining a TIE game. DRAMA!
  3. Destruct

    Destruct New Member

    A 7 man 1001?!?!?!?!

    Half the team can barely field a 6 man team night in night out! :oops: :oops: :oops:
  4. Nikko

    Nikko New Member

    Chuck - do you think I'm an idiot??? Just because you post on a forum - you expect me to just give out the info to you? I have the info and NO I wouldn't give it to just anyone - unless they are willing to work with me and the league for a better future and be sincere about it.

    You have NOTHING positive to say about MMDL - why would I want to work with you????

    Nicole :evil:
  5. Destruct

    Destruct New Member

    Because I am a member of the MMDL and I'm trying to get it back to a positive status perhaps?
  6. Sharkey

    Sharkey New Member

    Destruct, just tell us your size. Dave W. will send out your XL,XXL "Banned in Boston" shirt! Sharkey.
  7. Chitown599

    Chitown599 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    I know a way to stop all this nonsense about splitting the 601's or not. How about eliminating them all together. You have to admit, those are the most useless games in a dart league.

    Get rid of them and replace them with either singles cricket or 501. It would make for a much better match not too. 8) 8) 8)
  8. Destruct

    Destruct New Member


    I basically agree with you but they do make a good warm-up game. That, to me, is worth keeping them but since they are useful as a warm-up it kind of means they have to be played first.
  9. kirby

    kirby New Member

    :D :D and that comment from a man who just won a trip playing 801 and throws tons like the rest of you throw 45's and 41's and in geico's case 26's...all kidding aside 601 is the most boring useless game for 3 people to play that i've ever seen..unless your playing it like we will this sat in the eagles state dart tournament..2 601's 3 person & 3 cricket doubles matches...first team to win 3 advances...EAGLES 841 ALL THE WAY TILL THE END... I do know that the lower division players like 601 because all of their darts count if they keep them on the board...kirb
  10. thirstydawg

    thirstydawg New Member

    i've done it bothways. i dont really care which way but i do prefer both up front
  11. Damanbsp

    Damanbsp New Member

    Seeming so they already have the sheets printed leave it how it is LET THE CAPTAINS DECIDE before the match and then go from there when the sheets run out make new ones wouldn't want anyone making extra on the printing be nice to have some 501 incorporated into this league at some point
  12. FlyinMonkey

    FlyinMonkey New Member

    I liked the 601's played at the top. Seems to me it made for a much better flow of the games. I have my roster all filled out when I get to a match. When they need to be played as a split everything needs to be changed to make the down time appropriate. It makes for a long night when you sit for a long time.

    How would you incorporate the 501 games?
  13. Damanbsp

    Damanbsp New Member

    My idea for the 501's would be A division and (don't anyone freak)SuperA play as follows
    2 601's
    3 Crickets best of 3
    6 501 straight on double off best of 5

    Lower division B and Below
    2 601's
    3 crickets
    6 501 straight in double out best of 3

    I know 601's to some seem like a waste of time but they serve as a warm up BUT THEY NEED TO BE PLAYED FIRST

    Honestly 501 is the money game you see it on tv that's what you shoot for at the tournaments and it's not even thrown hell look a guy in our C division just threw a perfect 6 dart 301 Kudos to him but 501 is the way to go

    VEGA_VOCI New Member

    Ya i agree with ya there brian, to those player that need that extra practice, or warm ups, 601 is the game to do it in becuz you have ur teamates to help ya just incase you need it.
  15. FlyinMonkey

    FlyinMonkey New Member

    I am undecided on my preferences on the 301 to 501 debate. I do enjoy the 301's as they are constituted now. Keeps things a little different!! However I would not have a problem if the change was made.

    As for A Divisions best of five 501,s seems like an awful lot of possible darts. Six games of 501 best of five.. Possibility of playing 30 games as opposed to a possible 18. The 301 is a quicker game to start with.

    What would people think of a 501-Cricket-Choice singles to get singles cricket involved??
  16. Damanbsp

    Damanbsp New Member

    yeah I could see that but thats sort of for a luck of the draw those 501's for the a and above dont average many more than 20 darts per game of course you could go

    3 2man teams of 501 dd (lose the 601)
    3 cricket best of three
    6 301 dd singles

    ahhh just ideas

    VEGA_VOCI New Member

    ya brian, thats a pretty good idea.You know i have to deal with all that stuff with all the A teams here in the south shore complaining about 2-3 crickets and wanting 501n instead of 601. but your idea with the 2 man team of 501 seems pretty good to me.me personally i don't care if it 1 win i cricket or best out of three it really doesn't matter to me
  18. FlyinMonkey

    FlyinMonkey New Member

    Problem with this:

    3 2man teams of 501 dd (lose the 601)
    3 cricket best of three
    6 301 dd singles

    Is that you are playing a 12 game match. Although I agree with the creativity it gives you the old 6-6 tie problem.

    Eventually the 301 di/do, will likely be changed to 501.
  19. GeorgeCostanza

    GeorgeCostanza New Member

    Eventually the 301 di/do, will likely be changed to 501.[/quote]

    Yeah, any day now ! ( since they have only had 301 singles since 1974 ) what do you consider " eventually " ? Another 33 years ? :roll: :roll: :roll:
  20. FlyinMonkey

    FlyinMonkey New Member

    Good point. Maybe we should double it and say 66!!!

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