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  1. Bucky

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    Chris, Don't you think that it is a "Team Thing" to win every game? There is no "I" in team. It is a team effort in every match. The team effort comes from either your partners in 601 or Cricket,or in the case of 301, your team mates rooting you on during your singles match. I myself rather see the best player on my team trying to win the final match than 3 of us with one or two of us not shooting well.Just my opinion Brother. :D
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    We've gone back to back in every single week except one. We like it that way #1 because it serves as a nice 'warm-up' game. #2 Whoever doesn't play a 301 plays always gets a 601 spot, and by playing them both first, the player who isn't playing 301 doesn't have to wait around for 2+ hours to play in the final 601 game. You could put the guy who doesn't play a 301 in the first 601, but I typically like to pair up my worst player with 2 of my best players, and since my 2 best players play last, they play the final 601 when we split them.
  3. JustTheFacts

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    Why continue to print them at all? Why not have an online posting? I can understand that there could be some concern with accuracy in reporting, but at the very least you could have a one part form that both captains sign and maintain for verification in the event of a dispute. A one part form is certainly much less expensive than a 3 part form, let alone the postage cost.
  4. Nikko

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    I don't dis-agree...but we are not ready at this juncture to go forward with something like that. Yes, it has been brought up in discussion, but that was it. Someone would have to sit down and write up a proposal - thinking it through it's entirety. From start to finish - pro's and con's, etc.
    Do I think it's one of the next steps in the future, absolutely!

    Baby steps....baby steps...LOL.

    Nicole :p
  5. Destruct

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    Mark Ingoldsby could sit down and write up the proposal. :wink: :wink: :wink:

    Then he could print up about 10,000 copies, one for each shooter! :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Then he could vote it down to stay with the current printing situation! :roll: :roll: :roll:
  6. Nikko

    Nikko New Member

    Funny HAHAHA

    Seriously, I'm not kidding.....who wants to step up to the plate?

    Please can we try to keep it positive???
  7. JustTheFacts

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    Id be happy to run with this. Any advice would be appreciated. For instance, I am the purchasing manager at an office supply company. Would obtaining competative quotes for a 1 part or 2 part version of our match reports be something I would want to include in this proposal? I'm not sure who is managing the MMDL site currently, but would that person be ammenible to discussions regarding the best format for score submission (E-mail / Encrypted site for direct entry etc.)? It would also make sense to perform a ROI analysis for presentation to the board. In doing so, we would need to consider all potential uses of such a site, and the potential costs, in dollars and time, of managing such a system.
  8. Destruct

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    I'll do it Nikko.

    To start with I'll need to do an analysis of the current costs associated with the printing. I'll need copies of all the invoices to the MMDL for printing (scoresheets as well as match reports, rosters etc.). I'll also need a breakdown of the exact postage expenses for the pre-stamped envelopes and the mailings of standings etc. Since AD's have also reported that Mark is paid for the collection of and compiling of the match reports (this will be going away with a web based entry system) I'll need the exact cost associated with Mark's re-imbursement for this too.

    You can fax them to me at 617-658-9541.

  9. Nikko

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    WOW - Purchasing - that's what I do - I was a Sr. Procurement Specialist now I'm Inventory Control Manger for Operational Supplies for BJ's!!

    Yeah Kool.

    Check your PM.

  10. Destruct

    Destruct New Member

    Who's, mine or JTF's?
  11. Nikko

    Nikko New Member

    Chuck - That will not happen, and I don't mean that in a negative way. You can still do an ROI without those costs. I;m talking about getting a proposal together for web based scoring vs. mailing. Obviously, postage and etc you can figure out or do an approximation. Obviously, there would be a cost associated even if it were to go web. if you really want to help contact me. I'll be waiting for your call.
  12. Nikko

    Nikko New Member

    Sorry about that JTF's.
  13. Destruct

    Destruct New Member

    Nicole, I think you know that I know it will not happen.

    This is the hypocrisy of the MMDL!!!

    You ask people to write proposals to save money, then refuse the league records they need to do it accurately. THAT CAN'T BE DONE WITHOUT DOING AN ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT COST STRUCTURE!!!

    Don't ask for help when you aren't prepared to accept it!

    That is an insult!!!
  14. Skizrock

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    D, I dont think she was trying to insult you, I think we all know that the BOD wont give out that info. We all know why, and if we dont then shame on us. I think she meant it, and I think if someone did such a thing and could support the basis, they (ads) could present a case for an overhaul.
  15. Destruct

    Destruct New Member

    Then members of the BOD should stop asking for suggestions here. Its two-faced at best!

    We all know they won't part with the info, just as we all know that they won't change how things are run.

    For a member of the Board to ask for suggestions and then refuse a legitimate request for info needed to come up with a proposed better way is just more of the same crap that has been going on for years.

    The new guard seems to be falling in line with the Old Guard. I hope it's not the case, but it sure seems like the same old story.

    Please forgive my pessimism!
  16. JustTheFacts

    JustTheFacts New Member

    An ROI analysis can be done without knowing the current cost structure. Nikko is correct, assumptions can be made for postage and current printing costs. I am new to the league, but am well informed of the charges that have been levied at the board (hence my earlier sarcasm). We do not need to know the cost structure for every piece of printed material in order to perform an analysis, as we can also make assumptions based on obtaining competitive quotes on 1, 2 and 3 part forms. There is a cost associated with maintaining the current system. There would be costs, both hard costs for structural design and implementation and soft costs for maintenance, in the creation of a new system.

    I understand the cynicism. I have heard of the league issues. I’m willing to put my effort into this with the knowledge that it could be dismissed out of hand. We’re I not to try, then I cannot complain. I know that others here have tried to enact change, time and time again, without success. At some point, something will give. Whether it be the league folding, or becoming a better more member friendly league, something will eventually give.
  17. Wire

    Wire New Member


    JTF you can see the printing & postage costs here on the form 990 for 2004 & 2005.
  18. Destruct

    Destruct New Member

    JTF, you misunderstand what I was saying... Think "Irony"!


    I have distributed those forms to about a dozen people so I already know the total number. Give me the breakdown for Match Report printing, Shirt Printing, Ingoldsby pay for compiling the results, etc.

    The lump sum doesn't tell you what the little parts are!
  19. dwalsh

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    So are you guys splitting the 601"s ....................?? :twisted: :twisted:
  20. JustTheFacts

    JustTheFacts New Member

    Nope. Personally, I like to split them. I found that more people stuck around for the final game, and the atmosphere was a little more charged up, esp. if you were going into that match tied.

    Most other teams didn't like it, and it would cause a stink if we pushed, so we just play them at the beginning.

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