2018 San Diego Memorial Tournament Results

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  1. Steve Brown

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    Women’s Singles 501 (10 entries)


    1st – Monica Wright – Greater San Diego D.A.
    2nd – Shannon Vitale – Greater San Diego D.A.
    3/4 – Carmen Martinez – Greater San Diego D.A.
    3/4 – Jeanne Tank – London Bridge D.A.

    Men’s Singles 501 (21 entries)


    1st – Luke Santerre – Tidewater Area D.A.
    2nd – J.D. Newman – Greater San Diego D.A.
    3/4 – Edwin Legaspi – South Bay D.A.
    3/4 – Rob Showers – Greater San Diego D.A.

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  2. CraigB

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    "San Diego Memorial Tournament?" I guess San Diego is officially dead then, ya? I was a member of the GSDDA for a long time and played on their All Star team many times. I still remember the year they somehow couldn't cover the Spring Fling prize money (usually about $30,000). That killed a lot of the National participation down there.

    Hmm... Now I'm not sure if it was the Spring Fling or the San Diego Open... Oh well, unfortunately, the vast majority of the members I used to know down there are now dead so maybe "Memorial" is the right word?

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