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    Dr. Patrick Chaplin has published a new book that with a
    wealth of information will appeal to all people interested in darts. Of
    course one of the focal points lies in darts history and Chaplin is able due to
    his research to expose some of the most popular myths of the sport as
    myths and tells us the not less thrilling truth instead. In this
    context he reports how such myths can develop – some years ago he was the
    unintentional source of a myth himself when one of his famous Fool’s Day
    Columns was so convincing people took it at face value.

    Beside you can between others find chapters about the
    Embassy World Championship, the Winmau World Masters and women darts. But
    interesting things like the walk-on-girls, music and darts and the origin
    of some of the nicknames are included as well.

    All that is written fluently and gives as an
    understanding of the sport in a colorful, informative and entertaining
    way. As the recently deceased commentator Sid Waddell aptly writes in his
    preface the book is a kaleidoscope of darts.

    Dr. Patrick Chaplin once again brought a book to be
    recommended on the market and I’ve only one point of criticism – it is much too
    short. It would have liked to read much more of it!


Discussion in 'Articles' started by site_admin, Mar 19, 2013.

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      When playing cricket and keeping the side score, are points added when hitting
      T20 if you already have a S20?


      Player 1 throws D20, S13,
      Player 2 throws D19, S13, S13.
      Player 1 throws T20, S13,

      Since Player 1 scored two 20's and needs a single
      20 to open it up for scoring, does he receive the additional 40 points from
      throwing the T20 on the second throw? Or do you only give out points for darts
      after the number has been opened for scoring?
    2. YoungDrtr

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      Yes... they get the close and the additional 40.

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