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Former World Champion Mark Webster and multiple tournament winner Simon Whitlock have agreed new 4 year sponsorship contracts with the world’s leading darts company Winmau. The agreements will see the hugely successful partnerships continue until 2015.

Mark Webster said "I’ve enjoyed many great years working with Winmau, which has included a World Championship and my best ever world ranking to date. With their passion for the sport and their constant desire to move forward, it’s no surprise why their products are the best in the world today”.
Simon Whitlock added “Winmau have done everything to help me play at my best. I’ve really enjoyed working with them and had a great time developing some new product ideas that are in the market and selling well. Their commitment in darts is second-to-none and they are great people to work with.”

Head of Marketing, Simon Hall, added “This is great news for Winmau, and it means so much for our products to be backed by two of the world’s best and most popular dart players. Mark and Simon have not only become friends of our company, but they have both contributed immensely to our manufacturing processes. For example, their feedback on products such as the Blade 4 was immeasurable. They share our passion for darts, and they are both an integral part of Winmau’s success in darts globally.”

Mark Webster and Simon Whitlock can both be seen competing in this year’s 2012 PDC World Championships during December and January.
the Chinese Darts Association

14th November 2011, Shanghai, China: Winmau and the Chinese Darts Association (CDA) are delighted to announce their exclusive sponsorship of the China National Darts Open 2011 (staged by the Chinese Darts Association), which will see the world’s leading darts brand teamed with one of the most progressive and rapidly expanding darts organizations.

Winmau dartboards will be used in all competitions staged by the CDA, including the prestigious China National Darts Open, which takes place on 14th and 15th November 2011 in Shanghai.As part of the agreement, Winmau will also support the Shanghai Super Darts league, whose membership is growing at a phenomenal rate every year.

In 1999 darts was officially approved by the Chinese government as a sport. In 2004 the CDA was founded and it is the official national darts organization in China. The CDA is governed by the China General Sports Bureau and it covers 10 city darts associations, including the Shanghai Darts Association – one of the largest city associations and the hub of Chinese darts development.

The number of Chinese darts players is growing rapidly (especially in Shanghai) as darts is promoted into businesses and schools. The IDF's close relationship with the Chinese Darts Association and Shanghai Xuhui District has allowed some amazing developments, such as, the three year contract with the Shanghai Xuhui District government to hold the IDF Darts World Cup. Each year, the Shanghai Xuhui District will inject 3,000,000 CNY (approximately £300,000) to support the tournament. 2011 is the second year, and the tournament will be held immediately following the China National Darts Open from November 16th to 19th.

To coincide with Winmau’s sponsorship of the CDA, the company has also entered into a new distribution partnership with one of their closest supporters - Shanghai Haywood. Shanghai Haywood will be distributing the Winmau range across China and they can be contacted via...
Date: 03-11-2011

The BDO and BBC Sport have reached an agreement with ESPN to provide live coverage of the 2012 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships.

ESPN will broadcast both evening sessions of the opening weekend of January 7th and 8th, plus every weekday evening session from January 9th to 13th live and exclusively.

Its coverage will also include the second Semi-Final exclusively live on Saturday, January 14th and highlights of the 2012 Lakeside World Final on Sunday, January 15th.

The BBC will screen live and exclusive coverage of the afternoon sessions of the Championships over the opening weekend of January 7th and 8th. There will be extended BBC afternoon highlights from Monday, January 9th to Friday, January 13th, plus late-night highlights on BBC Two and extra action on BBC Sport online.

Additionally, the first Semi-Final will be broadcast live by BBC on Saturday, January 14th, plus exclusive live BBC coverage of the final on Sunday, January 15th.

BBC coverage will be presented by Colin Murray and Bobby George and commentary for both broadcasters will come from David Croft and Tony Green.

ESPN’s live televised darts coverage of the 2012 Lakeside World Pro will be led by Ray Stubbs, presenter of both the Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships and the Winmau World Masters for several years during his career with the BBC.

All ESPN discussion and analysis will come live from the Championships, not only capturing the environment, but also connecting viewers to the unique atmosphere of live Lakeside darts.

Barry Gilbey, Chairman BDO Enterprises Ltd says: "Both ESPN and the BBC are brand leaders in televised sport and we are delighted that the 2012 Lakeside World Professional will benefit from their combined technical expertise and know-how. These are exciting times for our players as the BDO moves ever forward in its...
Andrew Wood, creator and owner of the iconic family entertainment television game show, Bullseye has signed an agreement with, The Gurin Company, a major independent television production company based in Studio City, Los Angeles, California.

The President of The Gurin Company, Phil Gurin who was behind the NBC version of the Weakest Link, met with Andrew Wood in London and they signed the deal. Both Phil and
Andrew is keen to see Bullseye on American television. This will include the upgraded Bullseye format with the new additional optional end game where the contestants can try and win, ‘Bully’s Million Dollar Jackpot’.

The Gurin Company is represented by Creative Artists Agency (CAA) Headquarters, Los Angeles.
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