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Ok, since deleted posts have made the original topic unreadable (the last three pages don't exist), I've created a new topic for members to introduce themselves. :wink:
What is involved in the
mental aspect of darts? Way too many things to talk about here
but I
can talk about one thing which falls into my description of the Mental part of
First I need to define my view of Mental as part of the dart game. I
use Mental as one of three types of practice.

There is Solitary
physical practice (develop/maintain a stroke); Mental practice (committing to
memory the rules, strategies and out shot combinations involved in the game),
and then there is Emotional practice

(application of the first two
types of practice to competition). I mention these because what I’m speaking of
below is included in my Emotional practice.
What constitutes competing with
your self? There are a number of ‘tells’ that will suggest you are competing
with your self and I want to talk about one
specific thing that seems to be
unrecognized: Dealing with ‘flyers’. A flyer is a dart that sails off target as
if it has a mind all its own.
Flyers are a part of every person’s dart game
but the distance from the intended target and frequency of occurrence varies a
whole bunch from level to level of expertise. The player/shooter’s response to
a flyer is what I talk about here.
Very important thing: Trying to force
darts to stop going where you do not want them to go is one of the things which
will mess up your progress. It is an aspect of what I call competing with your

Part of my definition of competing with your self is when you expect
a result (hitting a target) and in response to a
‘flyer’ you demand of your
self that you stop doing that, right then, and become fixated on preventing
another ‘flyer’ from happening. When a ’flyer’ shows up, if a player/shooter
attempts to force their self to not shoot another ‘flyer’ it becomes a
difficulty and their mental state gets worse. It becomes...
Shoveled a total of 4 times, just under 2 ft total.

Winner in MA was West Boylston, 34.5 inches.

Power was out from 11:30pm Fri till 5pm Sunday and many others are still without.

Thank goodness the worst of it is over for the Bad Ass..
As you've probably heard, we're deep into the Blizzard of 2013 here in New England. I was 4 years old in the Blizzard of '78 and don't remember it much. Lucky me, I get my turn.

The snow started around noon in East Bridgewater MA and came down slowly at first. I went out at 5pm EST and shoveled 4 inches of the white stuff.

Went back out at 8pm..8 more inches! I heard a couple of small limbs fall and saw lightning way off in the distance. Finished up around 9pm and took a hot shower.

Soon I shall be on my 3rd tour of duty. Anyone want to help?
Ayup Comrades

Im a newbie on here, and would like to introduce myself.
My user name is ShedInn Shed will do, I play my darts in my shed at the top of the garden, I'm a truck driver and work thru the night so darts is my R&R.
When I get used to the site I'll see if I can post some photos.
It's not much of an intro but it's a start.