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Hi All, Good day!

I am a new member from Hong Kong and knowing that this forum is large and that will be a good platform for sharing.

Honestly, I am here in purpose to collect some opinions as I just designed a brand new system of darts flight that could simply flat pack but still keeping the 90 degree after assembled.

The concept is newly developed that you could mix and match the setting, and only one size available.

So what do you guys think of this flight? what else size or shape is popular in your market?

Here is the link for the image .

It is not advertisement, but I do appreciate to your opinions.

For the seeded players their
first day at the Winmau World Masters didn't start well. The first three, James
Wilson, Darryl Fitton and Wesley Harms, were immediately eliminated, because
the qualifiers Mark McGeeney, Seigo Asada and Rhys Hayden played much better.
Wilson was steamrolled by McGeeney's 106.14 average, Fitton and Asada raced
head to head, in the deciding Leg the Japanese crossed the finishing line
first. It was not as obvious why Wesley Harms lost - the Dutchman both had the
better doubles hitting rate and the better average and threw the only two 180's
of the match.
With Martin Phillips the tide turned - the Welshman proved he's not on the
shelf yet. An impressive average of almost 100 and a double hitting rate of 50
percent were not to beat. Glen Durrant managed to stay in the tournament as
well though he played far less well and the match only started to get gripping
near the end.
Then with Ross Montgomery and Rick Hofstra the next seeded players went out
of the tournament - both more mediocre matches, though Daniel Larsson from
Sweden had with 57 percent on the doubles the highest hitting rate and with 156
the highest finish of the day.
In the match between Scott Mitchell and Paul Hogan Mitchell prevailed, a seeded
player. Hogan had a rather slow start in the match - might be because he had to
walk in without his music which clearly irritated him. In the deciding Leg
Mitchell was - as during most of the match - just better. The next highlight of
the day was the performance of Alan Norris, who threw in this short format
almost unbelievable 8 180s. Qualifier Chris Dobey never managed to get into the
match. The same happened in a much weaker match Madars Razma. For him Remco van
Eijden was - after the smoke of the smoke machine had finally disappeared from
stage - just too strong. Van Eijden's hitting rate on the doubles nevertheless
to sure leaves a lot of room for improvement. The next two...
News announcement......Laserdarts are now being manufactured back in the good ole USA. Yes...Laserdarts is once again an American-made dart. It's been a long hard road to make this a reality, but it's finally done. So, spread the word. And coming soon...new flight and shaft systems being put on the electronic and moveable point widows and new dart designs for both Horizon and Laserdarts!!!
Might be the one or other wondered that I don't seem to be in
Dublin for the World Grand Prix this year. But the World Grand Prix is not the
only major tournament which is played at the moment! And to be sure I am in the
field though not in Dublin - but for the first time in Hull, where the Winmau
World Masters started yesterday.
The tournament - better the tournaments - already started on Tuesday with the
first phase of the new BDO Youth World Championship. A lot of the best youth
players from around the world were here anyway to take part in the World
Masters. In the final of the World Championship Harry Ward from England will
play against Dutch Colin Roelofs. On Wednesday the play-offs for the BDO World
Championship took place and from the field of participants Canadian Maria
Mason, Sarah Brent from England, Daniel Larsson from Sweden, Englishman Rhys
Hayden, Canadian Jeff Smith and Belgian Cedric Waegemans qualified - all for
the first time in Lakside.

On Thursday then the World Masters really started and my first impression when
I stood in the venue was: What enormous amount of dart players! In the Airco
Arena in Hull more then 60 dartboards were set up in four rows at which was
played simultaneously. There was one row for the youth, one for the ladies and
two for the men as those are usually most numerously. All players had to
qualify for the tournament. Different from the World Cup there are no national
teams - all players are there as individual players, which makes it not so easy
to identify them as most don't wear a national shirt - well some nations wore
it, the Canadians for example. But most players wear their own shirts often not
even with there really name but with a nickname or no name at all. Thus it took
me quite some time to sort out that the"Flame" was the German player
Daniel Zygla.

In the
unbelievable bustle it is almost impossible to have some kind of overview. But
I have to say the...
I've put together a
Trivia Competition/SEWA Scavenger Hunt! The first 5 to get all the
answers right (or the first 5 to get MOST of them right) will win a set of darts or 4 sets of flights (A minimum of 3 sets of darts will be given away but possibly more!)

Here are the rules:
1. You have 1 week to finish the contest however the 1st 5 members to
submit the correct answers will win -- so don't wait until the end of
the week! Submit as soon as you can.
2. You may submit and resubmit your answers as often as you like but
each time you resubmit your time-stamp changes. (Example: MemberX
submits today at 12:00noon then realizes he missed some and resubmits
tomorrow at 1PM. 1PM is his new time-stamp).
3. Almost all the answers can be found here on sewa-darts.com or at reddragondarts.com (there may be one or two you'll have to hunt for)...
4. Only Senior Moderators / Admins are excluded from entry (contacting them for help is disqualifying).
5. All answers must be private messaged to me via the site. Once
you've done so feel free to post in the appropriate forum to let me know
you've done so and I will respond there also.
6. If 5 members submit correct answers right away then the competition is over.
7. The site admins are the only members not eligible to participate in this competition
8. Above all, have fun and be sure to thank Red Dragon for their support of our sport!
9. If no one answers all the questions correctly, then the 5 that gets the most right (first) win.
10. Do not post the answers or where to find them in the forums.......

Good Luck

Here are your Trivia/Scavenger Hunt questions:

1. Winifred Maud is?
2. No Odor? What gives?
3. How many ways of getting a nine dart finish are there?
4. Who are John and Dave Bluck?
5. What are the three outs that only have ONE way of being taken out?
Who said this: "If I got beaten by anyone whom I felt to be an inferior
player to myself, I would go off about it. I...