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We have Eric and Keith coming to NY area the week of September 20- 28 and have one or two spots left.

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Hampshire's Paul 'Crocodile Dundee' Hogan is the 2017 Worthington&rsquo;s Champion of Champions winner, defeating last year's winner Jonny Clayton in a nail-biting final at Cardiff's St. David's Hall.

Going into the final, Clayton looked to be favourite following an almost faultless 13 and 14 dart semi-final win. He certainly had the crowd on his side, especially when he won the bull for the throw and started the first leg with throws of 140, 100 and 140.

Hogan kept pace though, with two tons and a 140 of his own. When it came to finding a finish, nerves affected the two players, with both needing 12 darts to close the first leg - Hogan pinning double four for a 21 darter.

One nil up and with the throw in the second leg, the momentum swung towards Hogan when he hit a ton with his first three darts. Clayton responded though with two tons of his own and when he hit a 180, the only one in the final, the Pembrokeshire man looked good to square the game.
He needed just 66 with Hogan back on 164. The Berkshire Super League player hit treble 20 with his first dart and had to check his second. When the treble 18 was confirmed it seemed inevitable that the bullseye would follow. And it did - a 15 darter to wrap up the final and claim the 2017 Worthington's Champion of Champions crown two legs to nil. In typical humble style, Hogan counted himself lucky to win the first leg. "Best of three is such a tough format," he said. "You just have to take every chance you get and really go for it. No half measures.

"Jonny is a wonderful player and the defending champion, but he let me in and I took my chance. I thought he'd squared things up when hit that maximum to leave a two darter, but when I threw that final dart at bullseye I knew it was going close."

Having lost in the last eight of the 2016 tournament, Hogan is understandably delighted to go further this year. Not only did he beat last year's winner, but he also beat Tony Darlow, last year's runner up, in the last...