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     Where the seeded players drop...

    Dart TournamentsCharis writes "

        For the seeded players their first day at the Winmau World Masters didn't start well. The first three, James Wilson, Darryl Fitton and Wesley Harms, were immediately eliminated, because the qualifiers Mark McGeeney, Seigo Asada and Rhys Hayden played much better. Wilson was steamrolled by McGeeney's 106.14 average, Fitton and Asada raced head to head, in the deciding Leg the Japanese crossed the finishing line first. It was not as obvious why Wesley Harms lost - the Dutchman both had the better doubles hitting rate and the better average and threw the only two 180's of the match.
    With Martin Phillips the tide turned - the Welshman proved he's not on the shelf yet. An impressive average of almost 100 and a double hitting rate of 50 percent were not to beat. Glen Durrant managed to stay in the tournament as well though he played far less well and the match only started to get gripping near the end.

    Posted by site_admin on Tuesday, December 09 @ 21:44:13 CST (3770 reads)
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     Laserdarts....back in the USA

    National Darts Newsterrym writes "News announcement......Laserdarts are now being manufactured back in the good ole USA. Yes...Laserdarts is once again an American-made dart. It's been a long hard road to make this a reality, but it's finally done. So, spread the word. And coming flight and shaft systems being put on the electronic and moveable point widows and new dart designs for both Horizon and Laserdarts!!!"

    Note: This is great news!

    Posted by site_admin on Tuesday, November 25 @ 07:18:33 CST (762 reads)
    comments? | Score: 0

     Winmau World Masters 2014 - Part 1

    News for Dart PlayersCharis writes " Might be the one or other wondered that I don't seem to be in Dublin for the World Grand Prix this year. But the World Grand Prix is not the only major tournament which is played at the moment! And to be sure I am in the field though not in Dublin - but for the first time in Hull, where the Winmau World Masters started yesterday.
    The tournament - better the tournaments - already started on Tuesday with the first phase of the new BDO Youth World Championship. A lot of the best youth players from around the world were here anyway to take part in the World Masters. In the final of the World Championship Harry Ward from England will play against Dutch Colin Roelofs. On Wednesday the play-offs for the BDO World Championship took place and from the field of participants Canadian Maria Mason, Sarah Brent from England, Daniel Larsson from Sweden, Englishman Rhys Hayden, Canadian Jeff Smith and Belgian Cedric Waegemans qualified - all for the first time in Lakside.


    Posted by site_admin on Saturday, November 22 @ 22:36:37 CST (649 reads)
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     Red Dragon - SEWA-Darts Trivia!

    Darts & Stuff of InterestErik writes " I've put together a Trivia Competition/SEWA Scavenger Hunt! The first 5 to get all the answers right (or the first 5 to get MOST of them right) will win a set of darts or 4 sets of flights (A minimum of 3 sets of darts will be given away but possibly more!)

    Here are the rules:
    1. You have 1 week to finish the contest however the 1st 5 members to submit the correct answers will win -- so don't wait until the end of the week! Submit as soon as you can.
    2. You may submit and resubmit your answers as often as you like but each time you resubmit your time-stamp changes. (Example: MemberX submits today at 12:00noon then realizes he missed some and resubmits tomorrow at 1PM. 1PM is his new time-stamp).
    3. Almost all the answers can be found here on or at (there may be one or two you'll have to hunt for)...
    4. Only Senior Moderators / Admins are excluded from entry (contacting them for help is disqualifying).
    5. All answers must be private messaged to me via the site. Once you've done so feel free to post in the appropriate forum to let me know you've done so and I will respond there also.
    6. If 5 members submit correct answers right away then the competition is over.
    7. The site admins are the only members not eligible to participate in this competition
    8. Above all, have fun and be sure to thank Red Dragon for their support of our sport!
    9. If no one answers all the questions correctly, then the 5 that gets the most right (first) win.
    10. Do not post the answers or where to find them in the forums.......


    Posted by site_admin on Sunday, December 15 @ 14:47:40 CST (4712 reads)
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     Darts in Dublin 2013/ 2

    PHP-NukeCharis writes " Players Championship 2

     I didn't really feel refreshed when I woke up on Sunday morning - probably an effect of the Dublin maritime climate. The sky looked grey and the wind was stronger. The breakfast room seemed to be even farer away then the day before and it was quite full. Not only the Players Championships took place there - a conference was going on as well.
    I decided to cancel my morning walk and did the updates on my site till it was time for the tournament.

    Posted by site_admin on Saturday, November 16 @ 08:07:42 CST (1879 reads)
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     Darts in Dublin

    PHP-NukeCharis writes "Players Championship 1
    This year again I travelled to Dublin to follow the two Players Championships and the first two days of the World Grand Prix live. And again I stay at the City West Hotel but this year in another wing which feels like around two km away from the breakfast room which was on Saturday morning filled with darts players. The Huybrechts brothers breakfasted together as did Raymond van Barneveld with his wife. Mark Dudbridge sat together with Steve Brown, Jamie Lewis with Arron Monk only to mention a few names. After the breakfast I first went shopping - it was sunny but very windy outside.

    Posted by site_admin on Thursday, October 17 @ 09:15:01 CDT (2043 reads)
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    The History of DartsErik writes "The ‘fact’ that darts was exported to America on board The Mayflower in 1620 is probably the most repeated piece of darts history you will ever read or hear.

    The Myth

    It is so simple and so succinct. Just image the scenario. English folks who love playing darts were persecuted for their religious beliefs, flee the country by boat to find a new life in the New World and, quite naturally of course, take England’s Number One pub recreation with them on board, namely darts.

    Posted by site_admin on Tuesday, August 20 @ 10:53:23 CDT (3080 reads)
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     Getting Sponsored

    General Dart TopicsErik writes "It's often asked by up and coming tournament players (who are faced with the ever increasing cost of travel and the limited opportunity to earn said costs back at events): how do I get a sponsor?

    My main response usually centers around this theme:

    Don't ask "how do I get a sponsor" but rather "how can I sell your products?".

    Posted by site_admin on Thursday, August 01 @ 15:02:50 CDT (2923 reads)
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     Van Gerwen or ... ???

    Dart TournamentsCharis writes
    It was sunny again on the last day of the UK Open. The breakfast-pub was much more crowded than the days before and Adrian Lewis had cleared off into a quiet corner but was all the time interrupted by fans.

    I took another walk - as I had learned the day before that not only the UK Open take place here in Horwich but that the cycle and the running route of Ironman UK for some years already go through Horwich as well. At the round-about outside the hotel there usually is a refreshment station. The map I found on internet was not good enough to really identify the routes but it was a pleasant walk nevertheless.

    Posted by site_admin on Wednesday, June 26 @ 18:44:41 CDT (2060 reads)
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     Not one brother left...

    Dart TournamentsCharis writes
    On the first two days the UK Open had started in the evening while on the third there was an afternoon session with the fourth round and an evening session with the fifth round - so many hours in the Reebook lay ahead of me. A full English breakfast was really necessary to survive the day. It looked it was not only me having this idea because Adrian Lewis already sat in the breakfast pub with a plate of toast in front of him waiting for sausages, bacon, eggs and baked beans. To it he drunk some pints of orange juice and ended his meal with a cigarette outside the pub marveled at by people walking by.
    As I don't smoke I decided that instead with a cigarette I would treat myself with a walk through the fields and meadows nearby - really a pleasure due to the weather. Afterwards I payed the super market a short visit buying drinks and food.

    Posted by site_admin on Wednesday, June 26 @ 18:44:05 CDT (2171 reads)
    Read More... | 6043 bytes more | 1 comment | Score: 0

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